Disposal Valley

1) The exit to the Worship Area also goes to the long bridge that accesses the Cliff Forest.
2) Pick up a bracelet from the "DEAD MAN".
3) Keep you magic stones handy, 'cause you are going to use a lot.

Magic Ring
Invisible Ring (use TRUE SIGHT to uncover)
Teleport to Forgotten Dais
Teleport to the Windmill Area (activates from the Windmill Area first)
Save Point


The whole valley is filled with poisonous gas and the only protection you have against it is, of course, PROTECT. Try to remember how long the spell lasts, that way you can switch rings back and forth when it comes to fighting monsters. The object here is to get to the Tree Hideout, picking up the BRACELET on your way, and any item you find without searching the whole place. You will be returning here later on.