(As written in the Chronicles of Verdite) Edited for content and chronographically rearranged.

Dragons of Light and Dark
The name of this world is Valicia, which means "Cherished" in the native tongue of the gods. Yet since the beginning of time there has been constant struggle throughout the land.
It is not known when Valicia came into existence, but the following is the creation story in Elven mythology:
Heaven is the mansion of Sylval. This world is a miniature garden. Each time Sylval plays the harp, Valicia is re-born out of the harp's music. What seems like a thousand years to others is only one day to Sylval. Each time he goes to sleep, he awakens to find all the people are gone - creation must begin again.
Once before when Sylval went to sleep, he placed three gods in charge of the world of Valicia. The three gods were Elfos, god of the sky. Elwin, god of the sea; and Vallad, god of the Earth. The gods created the Elves to sing praises to Sylval. The Elves were the "Original Creation." Then they created the Dwarfs who would make tools. They also created Gnomes and Hobbits. Finally the gods created men to inhabit the world. But men were put into a long sleep.
Then the gods began to create mountains, plains, and valleys. But Elfos and Elwin became bored with Valicia and deserted the world, returning to heaven where Sylval was sleeping.
Now Valicia was solely in the hands of Vallad, and the original plan was failing quickly. The Elves began to hate the Dwarfs and stopped singing their praises. The Dwarfs went into the mountains and made tools for no one else but themselves.
Meanwhile, men awoke earlier than scheduled from their sleep. Mankind was extremely prolific, though their life span was short. They began to multiply and filled the Earth.
Mankind began to push the earlier inhabitants into remote places. The men and women began to form warring factions, and the world has been in constant warfare ever since.
Vallad, in a desperate attempt to right creation tried to complete the project of the gods by himself, but alone, he could not do it. He was forced to watch from a distance as his work took form, only to be over run and defiled by the obsessions of man. In a vain attempt to unite his warring creations, he revealed himself to Valicia in the form of two dragons, Guyra and Seath. The Demi-Gods were to carry his will to the warring factions and bring about peace.
Unfortunately his plan failed. Vallad, unable to create beings from nothingness, divided most of his powers into the two dragons, which were now pitted against each other in a war for ultimate control over the Earth. In addition to the new perils he was forced to witness, an even greater menace was born to the world of Valicia completely unnoticed. Vallad had created Seath and Guyra from his own will; however all of his power was not born into these creatures. The unwanted seed of evil created a third less powerful force. The seed had been issued as a tool for controlling the two dragons. This is why the Demi-Gods did not obey his command...the ancient evil born into Valicia was a formless, evil seed, sprouting its roots deep into the fertile Earth beneath Verdite. Growing there unnoticed for over two thousand years, it was looking for a body to give it the chance for its own domination of this place.
Vallad could not understand what had gone wrong with his creations, but nonetheless, he knew that to create was divine providence and to unmake a creation was forbidden, even to the gods! He was powerless to destroy the two dragons; he would have to find a Champion on the Earth if this world was to survive. He would have to send a man to destroy a Dragon Demi-God...

The Dragon Warriors
In an ancient time, so remote that no written record or legend could even touch it, there was a battle of epic proportions. Many fell, and many were wounded. It seemed that mankind might actually be wiped from the face of the Earth. As Valicia's original seed of evil had culminated its power into the form of a mighty shadow, it used the very darkness as its magical force to wipe out all existence. At that time, a race appeared on Valicia, which had not been created - Dragon Warriors.
These awesome warriors, on the backs of their mighty golden dragons, seemed to be a match for the powerful force of the evil of Verdite. In the midst of the people's suffering, these saviors from the heavens turned the tide of the war and forced the ancient evil into a retreat - back to the depths of the Earth beneath Verdite. Many of the Dragon Warriors lost their lives in the battle...perhaps too many.
One day, as mysteriously as they had appeared, these gallant warriors vanished. Not one remained that had not perished here on the Earth. Those who had witnessed the greatness of these warriors erected a shrine in their honor. Within the shrine, catacombs were built to house the bodies of the great and powerful warriors who had saved the world from utter undoing. Those who founded the shrine called it the "Cemetery of the Dragon Knights," passing down the legend for eons and worshipping the memory of these great warriors as if they had been gods. As the legend grew thin, as all legends do over the passage of time, the shrine was left to its own devices and it now stands silent, used only as a graveyard.
Realizing that mankind could not survive the evil, which had been unleashed accidentally into the world, Vallad offered a gift to mankind and magic was born into the world of Valicia! Soon sorcerers, mages, and Arch Mages abounded in the world. The magic seemed to have quelled some of the thirst for blood, as had the wars with a foe, a foe so great that only united could it be destroyed. For a time, Vallad could just sit and await the special line, which would be born with the magical power of light! That would be his chosen line...he would finally do away with the cursed dragons he had created. Finally, his world would have peace.

High Elves and Arch Mages
During a period of time, when people were split into a myriad of small countries and spent their days fighting fruitless battles. In the depths of the forest lived sprites, monsters, Elves and Dwarfs.
Turcotte Ichrius was a High Elf living in those days. He found the Dragon King Tree in a location that could only be called the Place of the Beginning, because it was from that spot that all of creation unfolded. Ichrius obtained various powers and knowledge at that place and learned that a day of destruction was coming. A superb craftsman, he prepared for that day by creating various objects out of the shinning stones he found by the tree. Spending hundreds of years on his labors. After making all of his objects, he planted the fruit of the tree, but it didn't crystallize nearly as well as the first tree and imparted only partial knowledge.
The last task in his life's work of over one thousand years was the sealing of his objects, preventing access by all but the "Chosen One," who he knew would use them properly. But he knew his life was drawing to a close, and before his death he left all his knowledge and powers to Orladin, a young High Elf wizard. After his death, a shrine was built in his honor and he was worshipped.
Orladin also showed interest in martial arts and swordplay, and went to battle using special magic weapons and armor. He laid the basics for wizardry as it is known today, and it is said that without him, no man would have been able to use magic. He spent his later years as a hermit in the Land of the Beginning, spending his time studying the art of turning life into stone and creating life from the non-living. But no one is said to have seen any results of his work because he no longer showed himself. The High Elves left the Land of the Beginning where they had lived and returned to the forest, eventually worshipping Seath.
The powers and knowledge given to Orladin by Ichrius were not passed down to anyone after his death and the place now lies silent, nothing but a normal cave.
Shudom and Thedek were Orladin's only two disciples. Shudom took his followers and settled in a cave taking the name of "Dark Earth Spirit Shudom."
The cave was carved in a mountainside near what would some day be known as the town of Ralugo. He disliked the common life and spent his days researching the creation of life as an Arch Mage. He first created the Golems, but they were mere pieces of moving clay with no intelligence.
His subsequent research yielded a life form with intelligence, the "one-eyed giant." The remains of his failures were scattered here and there in the form of Golem bones and giant bones. A giant is said to have always followed Shudom, and Shudom cherished him like a son. It wasn't long before the Golems, left to their own devices by an inattentive creator, had multiplied themselves into a mighty force. They turned on Shudom and he was forced to flee to Melanat Island. There he lost his "son" and he returned to the Place of the Beginning to die a broken man.
One giant still remains perhaps the soul of Shudomís "son." Whatever it is, it's awaiting in agony for someone to come to the Cave of Shudom to kill off the Golems. If this can be done, the savior will be granted the power of the Earth.
Thedek, the Fire Mage, followed Harvine the "Wind King" who ruled the entire nation. Thedek became the king's right hand man but was plotting to get rid of the king and take his throne. Later they went to Melanat Island to build a New Castle but were forced to retreat due to monster attacks. Not only that, but the king was weakened in power and his kingdom fragmented. While on the island, a lighthouse was built on the western shore, where it still burns to this day with a magic fire. After his failed attempt to usurp the throne Thedek built a "Fire Labyrinth" in the heart of the island and hid the "Fire Crystal" that symbolized his fire magic, as well as the "Flame Sword" that served as his hand in the depths of the Labyrinth. However, his own ambition died with that of Harvine.

The Demon Family
After Harvine's death, the kingdom split into three smaller countries: Verdite, along with Granatyki in the depths of the western woods, and Igleck, at the tip of the Southernwoods.
It is said that long ago, the Royal Family of Verdite descended from evil creatures. They had long been a clan of evil magic, no doubt the embodiment of the ancient evil, which lay recovering, and bidding its time beneath Verdite. Their cursed blood had caused much confusion and disaster throughout its history. It was this curse that had been passed along for generation to generation. However, one descendant of the line, Zoela Reinhardt, had been so removed from the pure blood that she had no malice within her. She did, however carry the magic of the clan within her blood. She married Houser Forester, a brave soldier who had been appointed Captain of the Imperial Guard.
It was this fact that bore into the world a son to Zoela and Houser Forester. A son which allowed Vallad to witness the birth of light into the world! After several centuries, Vallad's champion was finally born!

The Holy Sword of Light
John Alfred Forester was born with the magical power of light, the first and only line on Valicia to possess this power. Vallad watched over John Alfred carefully as he grew from a baby into the eager boy whose only desire, it seemed, was to learn from his father, Sword Master Houser, the art of swordplay. This delighted Vallad beyond imagination! He continued to watch as John Alfred grew to surpass even his father's skill as a master swordsman.
Too young to join the garrison, John Alfred had been forced to watch his father leave to fight the forces of evil within the Royal Cemetery in Verdite. The ancient evil had grown tired of waiting for its kings to take over the world and had begun issuing forth, terrible beasts into the land of Verdite to feed on the souls of the citizens. As these creatures fed on the blood and souls of the people, the ancient evil grew more and more powerful. No one had yet returned from the cemetery alive!
That very night, John Alfred Forester was awakened by a voice. A sweet beckoning voice was calling to him from a great distance and knew him by name! What it was saying was of no consequence, all that John Alfred could do was to follow that hollow, sweet voice...crossing the channel to the Island of Melanat, John Alfred drew, transfixed, ever closer to the melodic voice which had complete control over his mind.
Through the dense forests of the island, John Alfred eventually came to an ancient, abandoned cemetery, which seemed like it hadn't been used for many centuries. He stopped only briefly at the gates to wonder where he was before the voice called to him again. Slowly, the gates to the Shrine creaked open with the hesitance of iron hinges unused for eons. Yet the weight of the immense doors seemed inconsequential...
Through the catacombs of the greatest warriors ever to grace the Earth, John Alfred floated, beckoned ever onward by the sweet voice that had call him back at home. The light of the night couldn't have provided ample lighting this far underground, yet it seemed that a blue light was emanating from the very walls to illuminate his path. It all seemed like a dream...the voice, this strange, non-menacing burial ground, the blue light...on through the night, John Alfred descended further and further into the depths of the Earth guided solely by the tranquil and ever beckoning voice.
John Alfred walked for what seemed like days before he was finally brought into a gigantic clearing where a pair of doors reaching easily two hundred feet into the air brought him to a standstill. Awestricken, he took a few steps back before a voice from within summoned him by name..."John Alfred Forester, son of Houser, you have been chosen...ENTER!"
With nothing left in him even resembling courage, John Alfred forced himself toward the towering doors in front of him. With a single word, "open," the immense doors seemed all to glad to glide open for the tiny man in front of them. As the door opened, John Alfred was brought to his knees by a bright blue light shinning from within the room. Yet the voice still called to him...enter...
Mustering every bit of strength he had remaining, John Alfred ventured a step within the chamber beyond the doors. What he beheld was beyond explanation. A room the likes of which he could never have imagined lay before him. Walls of crystal inlaid with the purest gold told the story of an epic battle between good and evil. Mountaintop sized diamonds held the gaze of Sylval, father of the Gods, while rubies of the purest crimson fire -- the size of entire towns, fixed the returning glare of the ancient evil. Mounds of pure gold coins, armor, swords, every imaginable treasure coated every inch of the chamber's floor. And at the center of it all was the source of the light.
"John Forester, you have been chosen to champion my will. You have been born with the power of light and a pure heart - I have been awaiting your arrival for nearly two thousand years! Now receive my gift and fulfill your destiny!"
With these words which were spoken directly into his mind, the light at the center of the room grew in intensity into a searing light of the purest white. So bright that John Alfred again fell to his knees covering his eyes. When the light faded, before him in mid-air, floated a sword. A Holy Sword of Light...the Moonlight Sword!
Fearing for his father, John hurried back to his homeland hoping that he wouldn't be too late. He then heard that though Captain Houser had initially returned alive, he had gone back to the tomb to save his men who had not yet returned.
John, not yet an official soldier, gladly joined the reserve troops. He wanted to enter the royal tombs and search for his father who remained missing inside the cemetery - and of course there was the matter of an untested gift from the gods to be dealt with.

Wrath of a Future King
(The events of the Original Kings Field)

Possessed by the fire of the Moonlight Sword, John Alfred Forester moved through the Royal Cemetery like an angry god punishing the evil for its very existence. The springs were dry and reeked with the stench of death. He moved methodically down through the levels of carnage and death - deeper and deeper into the heart of the darkness, which had enveloped his father. The first underground level, burial grounds for commoners, was certainly not new to him. He had been here before with his childhood friends to tell ghost stories and such.
The second level also didn't produce his father. But John met a man that had been injured. The man was Heinz Ruhart, chief poet of the court. He had been sent with the army, by royal decree, to write a poem about the battle in the tomb. Although, his injuries had rendered him blind and was forced to stay behind. John continued to look for his father, but was stopped by a gaping chasm before the third level. He was forced first to the dungeons before he could continue...there he met something, almost like someone, but definitely not human. As she finished talking she flew off far above leaving John momentarily stunned.
Upon exiting the dungeon, to search for a way into the deepest recesses of the Royal Cemetery, John found a Dragon Crystal, a rare fruit said to cure all illness and ailments. Remembering Heinz Ruhart, John decided to take the fruit back to him. As a token of appreciation, Heinz traded his harp for the Dragon Crystal. When John strummed the harp in front of the great chasm, a bridge appeared long enough for him to get across and continue his onslaught against the powers of evil. The Moonlight Sword shone brightly in his hand as it blazed with the hungry power of light devouring all darkness in its path.
It was finally in the fourth or fifth level that John found his father...he had fallen after killing a Black Knight in a duel. Both lay dead on the floor in front of him. John Alfred Forester's rage was complete. Through the last remaining levels of the cemetery, even the solid walls that opposed him could hardly stop Johnís blazing sword.
In the depths of the Saturn Temple, the Dark Wizard awaited his bold confrontation...
"Though he died doing so, I never thought any man could kill the Black Knight. I was extremely impressed and made your father's grave myself...if you are anywhere nearly as skilled as he is, I shall dig yours as well..."
This was the force John had been waiting to reckon with. With the fire of a thousand dragons in his eyes, John Alfred slew the menacing form of the Dark Wizard, thus disempowering the ancient evil once again.
Rising triumphant over the flames and acrid stench of burnt flesh on the ancient battlefield, John Forester was raised up by the citizens of Verdite. Never before had such a man been in their midst. With the death of the Royal Family of Verdite died centuries of oppression and evil.

The Melanat War
Deep in the Verdite forest stands an old stone monument, with an inscription in ancient High Elf script. It can be deciphered in part to read as follows:
A giant ship descended from the heaven with a blue light and sank deep below the islands.
When John Alfred Forester returned above ground from his long search for his father, Houser Forester missing captain of the royal guard, six months had already passed. The guards at the temple gates welcomed him, the sole survivor returning from the tombs of the Royal Cemetery and invited him into their rooms in the castle walls, which were quarried out of stone, unique to Verdite.
After some time an elderly man walked up to him and spoke. "You did well, returning alive from the tomb. Nobody else has come back." He asked about his exploits, as if to comfort John Alfred, who had experienced fatigue and disappointment, and relief upon returning.
John Alfred told them about his reason for entering the cemetery. About the fate of his father and about how the true form of the demonic family had been unveiled. He swore the knight's oath to them upon his Moonlight Sword, and all that heard were astonished. They praised the youth that had accomplished a great deed to save the nation, giving him the rule of the land. John Alfred Forester was crowned as the new king...the Holy King of Light, protector of Verdite! He and his sword became the symbols of the nation...
The entire land rejoiced in celebration. Although it was not the newly crowned King Alfred's wish to celebrate. The death of his father would weigh on him for many years before he could celebrate once again...
Thus was born King Alfred I. He took a queen, Noel, and delighted his country with two children. A peace virtually unknown in all Valician history blessed the three countries. The blood of the Royal Family had finally been purged and a new dynasty had begun.
"Holy King" John Alfred asked his wife, Noel Forester, if the peace could last forever...She answered him, "As long as King Alfred and his holy blade reside here, peace shall reign, indeed."
They could hear the soft breathing of their two sleeping children. Nothing else in the world had ever seemed so right...and yet John Alfred stared from the Verdite Castle window at the Far Eastern forest. Something was about to go wrong; he could just sense it.
Whirlpools of chaos centering on two dragons can wreck havoc in even the most unexpected places, shattering the calm. A hunter from Nuez Village was missing along the Granatyki-Verdite border after he had entered the forest. It was not unusual for this forest hunter to be out hunting for several days, but two weeks was just too long. Five days passed after a search party had set out from the village. At dawn on the sixth day, one member of the search party returned, only to whisper; "a demonic beast appeared and the search party is no more." With these words, he fell dead to the ground.

The Icy Grip of Fear
The eyes of the ancient evil were once again fixed on Verdite.
Days went by with John Alfred leaving the castle gates in the morning with a gentle forest breeze. Battling the monsters, and then returning to his queen through the castle gates that shut at sundown.
It was during these days that the Moonlight Sword was discovered stolen from the castle treasury. An investigation within the castle yielded the information that a man claiming to be a "Savior King," who appeared on Melanat Island just off the northern forest shores in the Veld Sea, had been looking for the holy blade. Expert soldiers were dispatched to the island to uncover the truth, but the period of time set for the search came and went with no word. Not one man returned.
John Alfred's heart was full of apprehension that some great force was behind this series of events.
When he returned from one of his exploits to defeat randomly appearing monsters, his old friend Alexander Thornton Regginis was visiting the castle. Alexander was the second prince of Granatyki. He was trained through his childhood by Houser Forester, and learned to use the blade along side Alfred. John Alfred treated him like a brother, and through swordsmanship was also his good friend.
John Alfred immediately explained the situation to Alexander.
When John Alfred finished talking, Alexander thought for a moment and then explained that the story reminded him of a legend among the elves living in the forest.
"On the island lies the sleeping one who fell there in ancient times. You must never approach him."
Alexander drew on his bravery and on his even greater curiosity. He requested that John Alfred assign him to investigate the current incident. John Alfred stalled at first, knowing Alexander's noble social position, but finally yielded to Alexander's unbending will and agreed. This could, after all, fulfill the traditional exercise, which would prove that Alexander was ready to be a ruler. Until that is proven, no King may sit at a throne.

The Return to Melanat
(The events of our first Kings Field)

A single ship sailed towards a darkness that would not even yield to dawn. It was the sailing ship of the Melanat investigation team, led by Alexander. Because of the troubles lying ahead, the men were very well prepared. Melanat Island was close enough to be seen from the Verdite shores at the far north of the Elegirian Continent. The island was filled with a certain power, and crystals made by its strength were said to give this power to those with a magical upbringing.
That may explain why those with magical powers frequented this island in the past. Thousands of years ago, the High Elves moved here in masses for religious reasons. They built a shrine, but it was attacked by monsters and was destroyed despite the valiant efforts of the warrior Merril Ur, legendary possessor of the power of Seath.
And now, there was a man to be feared on that island. Calling himself the "Savior King," he definitely had the entire island under his rule and he could impede any intruders whenever he willed. Alexander's ship was no exception, as soon as the ship neared the island it was overwhelmed by high waves and dashed to bits by a swarm of monsters. When Alexander woke up on the shore where he had drifted, he was alone. He had lost his entire armor and his only weapon was one dagger left in his shoe. Though the bizarre sights on the island weighed heavily on Alexander, out of his sense of duty and by brute force he made himself walk boldly onto the island. He remembered his resolve to uncover the identity of the one sleeping on this island and to find his friend's Holy Sword.
Not to far from the shore Alexander met a lonely fisherman. "Seems you're from that ship that was just sunk. It's rare for anyone to manage to arrive here. Any ship that doesn't belong to a merchant gets sunk after all," said the fisherman. If it was true about arrivals, it must be true about departures as well. For Alexander to leave the island safely would require that he first conquer the ruler of the island. If this was to be the only way, so be it!
Alexander first climbed Thedek's Lighthouse; there he learned fire magic, then ventured deep into the island. After mowing down the soldiers that moved under the command of the "Savior King" and stealing the dungeon key, Alexander entered the dungeon and met a man he knew. It was Arness, a man who attempted to enter the island secretly to investigate and had been captured. He encouraged Arness to flee to a safe place, and continued his search in the dungeon, discovering a spring. When he drank the water and soaked himself in it, he felt it cleanse his body and soul. They say that on Melanat Island, there is pure water provided by the white dragon that the High Elves worshipped. Perhaps this was that same water.
The identity of the "Savior King" became clear. His name was Necron, a powerful warrior who had crossed over from the mainland. He came to the island when he lost against Houser Forester, sword master for Alexander and father of John Alfred. He conquered the former chief of the fighting arena, set up a new arena, and as its leader, reigns over the entire island.
Alexander took the Elven Black Crystal to Leon Shore, a crystal craftsman he had saved in the second dungeon, and waited for a new powerful sword to be made. When Alexander visited Leon again, he learned that the sword had been completed but had been stolen by someone under the orders from the "Savior King." Alexander had requested the sword so he could use it against the "Savior King." He would just have to face him with a different weapon.
When Alexander vanquished four guards, the arena gate opened upwards with an ominous sound of grating stone, showing the way. He glanced to his left and saw Arness lying there, dead. He must have felt obligated to attempt to conquer the "Savior King" for Alexander's sake, but the burden proved too heavy. By this time the "Savior King" had grown strong enough that even Houser Forester would not have had a sure victory. Still, Alexander had no choice. "I know of your deceit, impostor, prepare to die!"
Falling utterly silent after hearing this statement, the "Savior King" raised his sword and signaled the beginning of the fight. The "Savior King" was physically well trained and had magic at his disposal to destroy a myriad of enemies. He subjected Alexander to a heavy barrage of magic and fast swordplay, leaving Alexander virtually no chance to attack.
After a battle of endurance, Alexander's physical strength won him the battle. Alexander had improved drastically compared to when he first arrived. Thus he made amends for the sunken ship. After the death of the "Savior King" a sword was left behind. It was the Dark Slayer, the black crystal sword crafted by Leon. Alexander pushed ahead, Dark Slayer in hand.
It was a different world. The ceiling, floor, and walls were made of the same transparent lattice. Alexander went through the galleries taking the long way and then the even longer way, only to find himself in a place with a wide expanse of night sky. There he met the black dragon, Guyra.
It had to be Guyra that Necron had worshipped and gained power through. The Demi-God was now the only thing standing in the way of Alexander's triumphant return with the Moonlight Sword. He could see it just behind the sinister looking dragon. Alexander held up the Dark Slayer and used the magic sword to win him victory over Guyra. The Black Dragon was surrounded by a ball of light and was pulled upward, gently into the sky. Alexander didn't wait around to see what would become of it when it came back down; he had fulfilled his quest. It was time to go home.
Leon Shore accompanied Alexander back to the mainland. It was Leon's wish to deliver his mother's bones to her hometown, the northern forest in Quist. Alexander encouraged Leon to live in Granatyki Castle, but he politely refused saying, "I will gladly offer my meager strength to you whenever you wish, but I'm going to start a crystal smith in my mother's home town." Leon had decided to live in Verdite, in memory of his mother.

Peace Reigns Briefly
Verdite, a small kingdom on the main land of a dim and obscure world known as Valicia. The full image of this world is difficult to grasp. Torn by wars at points in its history. Valicia has only come to know and use magic in the last two thousand years. Life here is unique to say the least, but to the inhabitants of this fragile world and kingdom, it is most definitely home.
If you, yourself lived here, it would not be difficult to imagine this whole country being destroyed quite easily. Only in recent history has Verdite come under the rule of a benevolent king. And even more recently, known peace. Surrounding this small kingdom is a deep, vast forest shrouded by a mist that seals its secrets. Wind swirls in from the forest as if the very forest itself was breathing life into Verdite. Beyond the green forests and beautiful lakes, the pure blue ocean stretches out past the limits of imagination. Except for the Single Island of Melanat which, on a clear day, can be seen from the hills of the north.
It is because of the actions of Prince Alexander Thornton Regginis, second heir to the throne of Granatyki, that the people of Verdite can presently enjoy peace in their homes. Alexander had requested to be sent to the Island of Melanat to bring back the holy sword that had been stolen from his friend, King Alfred Forester. A second holy sword named Dark Slayer was also brought back to the mainland and presented to the Holy King as a gift. The sword that had been created by the High Elf craftsman, Leon Shore, whom Alexander had met on the island. Leon had used the Black Crystal left in the depths of the island by Seath, the White Dragon of Light. These two holy swords were the keys to power in Verdite. For this reason, the two holy swords were sealed in the castle tower soon after Alexander's triumphant return. Sealed in the Ancient Tower of Verdite Castle, it was hoped that the swords would never have to be used again to restore the balance of peace to Verdite.
The now peaceful kingdom enjoyed prosperity and flourished over the next five years, but the two dragons Alexander had spoken of were the source of constant concern to King Alfred. After all, he had received the Holy Sword from Vallad himself. He knew the power that the gods had within their control. If he had made this Dragon Demi-Gods, how was it that a single man could destroy them completely? Alexander shared his concern. The two men were just not convinced that the end had come to the existence of evil in Valicia.
It was in the fifth year of peace that the destructive prophecy of the ancient evil once again reared its horrible head. During the festival celebrating the fifth anniversary of Alexander's return from the island, the people prayed for the continued prosperity. The same prosperity that they had been granted after so many years of death and destruction since the Dragon Warriors had left Valicia.
Both King Alfred and Alexander stood side by side wishing the very same thing; that peace could somehow continue. However in their heart of hearts, both men silently knew that they had not seen the end of the terrible battles that they had endured as victors. The silent fear was that they would not be victorious in the future - this went unsaid as both men knew what a defeat to the ancient evil could spell.
During the third night of the festival, however, a cry came from the mountains as the lookout patrol bolted for the castle walls. A great storm was coming in off the coast. The festival would have to be postponed for now, or so; they thought. Late that night, a foul bolt of lightning struck the castle tower. Not even the guards on watch thought it significant, the highest point on the castle was prone to such things as lightning, but unbeknownst to them, the ancient evil had just been reborn.
Inside the castle, King Alfred, playing with his youngest son, Austin Lyle, suddenly fell to the ground unconscious. The royal aides helped him to his bed, and there he would stay for the next month; barely alive and deteriorating in strength every day.
At the end of a month, the people began to accept that their beloved king was going to die. The sorrow in the kingdom of Verdite was great. One night shortly thereafter, the door to the bedchamber of the king suddenly slammed closed with the force of a great wind. It bolted and was impossible to open from the outside. From the hallway outside the chamber, sounds of struggle could be heard, and then, all at once, there was silence. The chamber door swung open and out stepped King Alfred.
As mysteriously as he had fallen that fateful night, he now appeared in full strength, yet something about him seemed different. No longer were his eyes the eyes of a gentle and benevolent ruler - whatever it was behind those eyes of hell's fire, it surely wasn't the Holy King of Verdite.
When Alexander next visited the Royal Castle, he immediately noticed the transformation in his eyes. An icy, piercing stare had replaced the warm vibrant glow he had known for so many years. The words of fire spit forth from the frothing tongue of the devil before him, confirmed that something had taken control of the proud form of the once great king. Alexander tried in vain to expel the demons, which had taken control of his friend, but nothing seemed to work.
In a last attempt for salvation, Alexander slowly approached the long spiral stairway leading to the castle tower. Perhaps with the power of the Moonlight Sword, he could return his friend to his right mind. Pondering each step carefully, Alexander climbed his way to the castle tower. With the last few steps, he had finally resolved himself to the use of the Holy Swords power of light to help John Alfred. But, as Alexander opened the heavy door to the tower, with a great creak of rusted iron hinges under the weight of solid oak, the foul stench of evil permeated the room.
The tower was in shambles form the blast of lightning, and what Alexander saw next brought him to his knees. Through eyes filled with tears, he slowly lifted the twisted hilt of the broken Moonlight Sword from the cold stones on the tower floor. Upon closer inspection, he found that his seal had been broken completely and that the Dark Slayer had either been completely obliterated or stolen. Alexander wept as the full impact of what he must do struck him full in the chest, like a mighty blow. He would have no other choice but to either kill his best friend, or seal the entire castle - killing John Alfred was completely out of the question. Not only could he not bring himself to do it, but also King Alfred was the mightiest warrior in all of Valicia.
In preparing his soul for the task, which had been set before him, Alexander called fourth his four most trusted aides. To each one, he granted one of his powers of magic. To Garnabus, he gave the power of Fire; to Zul Arifin, his power of Water; to Ungrund, his powers of Earth, and to Calamathar, he gave his powers of Wind. Thus, empowering them to grant these powers to the king's son, Austin Lyle Forester, when he was of age. With that, Alexander brought the full force of his powers of Light into his consciousness. He would need every bit of strength and power he had to seal the king in the castle.
Olivier Veyrac, a knight of the Royal Guard who had known the king since childhood was given a task, and Prince Austin Lyle was taken under the cover of darkness late that night to the home of Leon Shore. In the morning, Alexander appeared in front of the Verdite Castle. Seething with his full power now focused on his powers of light, Alexander took up the broken Holy Sword and concentrated his will, along with that of the Holy Sword, at the proud walls in front of him. Slowly, the walls of the castle began to shimmer with the brilliance of light as Alexander and the Moonlight Sword were utterly consumed in a blinding shroud of light energy. As the light enshrouded the castle, Alexander grew dimmer and dimmer, the powerful seal he was creating over the castle took the form of a dome of impenetrable light. He uttered a final word, "PEACE!" And the rest was silence. Alexander collapsed to the ground, completely exhausted. With the final life force available to him, he sent these words to the king's son; across the vast empty space to the house of Leon Shore...
"Lyle, in the days ahead, you must grow stronger than you ever thought you possibly could. The fate of this kingdom and possibly the world now rests on your shoulders as you can be the only one to stop your father. When you are old enough to understand these words, you must go out in search of my four aides whom I have granted power to give to you. After you have control of all five principles of power, you must break my seal and face he who was once your father. I will be there to guide you when the hour is at hand, Lyle, you must take up the sword of your father and win back your kingdom. The future of this world lies within your hands...please...remember...time is..."
Trailing off on these words, Alexander gave up his soul to heaven and died!

The Great and Brave Captain
"Lord Alexander bet his life on this seal," Silviera had thought to himself. "How much longer will its power last before it begins to dissipate?"
David Silviera, the former captain of the Royal Guards in Verdite, sullenly looked over ahead at the sky, which had not shone with the light of day since the fall of the Holy King. He silently recalled a time, not more than three years ago, when the Holy King of Light, John Alfred Forester, had been the most beloved of all kings...and his own life had been that of a royal guard.
"Curse the gods who allowed this downfall to happen! Fie upon them all!" Silviera hopelessly counted the long months since the king had been sealed up in Verdite Castle. "Three years, only three years since Alex gave his life for that seal. I guess I thought it had been longer."
Silviera had been working non-stop since that fateful day. His first thoughts were for those helpless citizens in the villages. With his rag-tag army of poorly trained troops, he had finally managed to build a defense wall around the castle to slow the onslaught of evil into the villages. But even through the powerful seal of Alexander, the Evil King's magic was formidable! Silviera now led his troops against the forces of evil ever pouring forth from the damned gate of hell, Verdite Castle. Even with his continued efforts, the number of evil creatures was ever increasing in Verdite. Already, most of the villagers who could make the trip had fled the villages - leaving dangerously few able-bodied men remaining for Silviera to lead into Battle. It all seemed so hopeless.
A brief moment of grace gave Commander Silviera a day to return to his home village to rest, but even upon his arrival he learned that the garrison in the north had been completely obliterated. In the ensuing chaos of the terrible battle, the broken hilt of the Moonlight Sword had been stolen - the last hope for the nation's peace. Silviera had been personally protecting the sword for Lyle. It was the kingdom's last chance. This lost was a greater blow than Silviera could take in his weakened state. Silently, he remembered how Alexander had come to him the night before the seal was placed. "Someday the prince will grow up and deliver the nation from chaos. This you can count on - so long as this broken hilt can be placed in his hands at the right time. Verdite will once again know peace. Without this sword however, no one will have the power to bring liberation to this world, not even Prince Lyle. He is our only hope. He is the last remaining descendant of light; no one else is left that has the magical power of light save for him!"
That did it! There had to be some way of recovering the sword and protecting it until the time came for Lyle to wield it against his demon father!
"The stolen sword must be somewhere in one of the Labyrinths. I'll find it if it takes every last ounce of strength I have left!" With these words, Silviera set out to recover the stolen Holy Sword's twisted hilt. "I'm going for the sword. You carry on your responsibilities here until I return." Silviera left for his search shortly after he had so instructed his associates.
He did manage to recover the sword. It was placed in the ground at Alexander's Tomb near the Verdite Castle for safekeeping. Then the tomb was sealed by the power of the four Archmages whom Alexander had empowered. After that the four went into hiding and have not been heard from since. As for Silviera, he had had enough! The last time he was seen was setting out for Verdite Castle to personally issue a challenge to the Unholy King sitting on the throne of Verdite. He would settle this once and for all.
All that was found of him was his sword, the Capricorn - the greatest hero since the fall of the Holy King had vanished...and without his sword, his fate locked and sealed within the castle walls along with the growing rage of King Alfred.

Raising a Young Prince
Unfortunately, Prince Lyle lost his mother and older brother soon after they moved to Leon's home. They had been outside when a band of monsters was passing through. Before Leon could even see where they had gone, it was too late. Slaying the beasts to keep them from devouring the remains of Lyle's family, Leon could do nothing but give them a proper burial. Lyle was now alone in the world, save for the one responsible for all of the destruction and death, his own father; the demon King of Death...one day, he would pay for this! Lyle's upbringing now became the sole responsibility of Leon Shore.
With the people of Verdite fleeing to the neighboring nations of Granatyki and Igleck, Verdite soon became nothing more than a wasteland, with the minions of evil completely in control of the countryside. One by one, the roads leading into Verdite were closed. Those who lost their loved ones, and especially those who were left behind, began to hate the king. Their feeling of hatred was becoming almost as strong as their former feeling of affection for the once great king.
Ten long years of death and destruction passed as the young Prince Austin Lyle, affectionately called "Lyle," grew from a boy into a strong young man under the excellent care and tutelage of Leon Shore. It came to pass that Lyle's 17th year was celebrated in the house of the High Elf craftsman. Carefully, Leon unfolded the parchments containing the story of the possession and deterioration of the king. Finally, the masterpiece, which Leon had been crafting for the past fifteen years, was complete. The time had finally come for Prince Austin Lyle Forester to fulfill his destiny.

Against the Odds
( the events of our Kings Field II )

Leon, with an indomitable desire to better himself, matured in his craft and spent half his life on a single sword, his crowning achievement. It was the Excellector, a sword that takes on the will of the one who wields it, and grows on its own. Unbeknownst to him at the start of the project, the sword would be finished for one particular user...Prince Lyle Forester.
Ten years had passed with Lyle in the capable care of Leon Shore. As if it had waited for the blade to be completed, the effect of Alexander's seal begun to weaken. The day had arrived to inform Lyle of his destiny.
"The seal the Sir Alexander gave his life for is not as effective as it was. The number of monsters is increasing day by day. it won't be much longer before King Alfred breaks the seal and engulfs this land in darkness. I have been watching you grow for ten years since the day of the seal was placed, and have waited and feared for the day you would begin your destined journey. Take the Excellector with you, my last blade. I will wait here, praying that the light of truth will guide your journey."
"Of the magical powers of Alexander, the magic of light was lost in the making of the seal, but you have the blood of King Alfred and seem to posses this power within your own veins. The remaining four magics have been entrusted to four Arch Mages. They are waiting to pass them on to you. These four principles of power are necessary to obtain the Moonlight Sword, the key to removing the seal. The four Arch Mages at the request of Commander Silviera have sealed the sword in the tomb of Sir Alexander. Also, you must find what are called the Seals of Ichrius. I do not know where these are, but the king has put them into someone's care. I will tell you about Ichrius another day. But his three seals are necessary for you to accomplish your destiny."
"The Excellector I gave you will grow with you and increase in power. A day is sure to come when you will need that power. When you obtain the three Seals of Ichrius, bring them to me, along with the sword."
With a few last words of encouragement, Leon sent the young prince out to fulfill a quest over ten years in waiting. "Lyle, I have placed all the meager power that I have in this sword. It will grow just as you do in experience and power. Go now and take back this kingdom."
Slowly, Lyle closed his eyes as the words of Alexander echoed in his mind...he knew what he must do. Now was the time for it to begin. He would not rest again until whatever demon it was occupying his father's body had been destroyed - even if it meant killing his own father personally!
And so it came to be that a boy was sent out to embark on a quest that even the most revered heroes of Verdite had not been able to complete. Perhaps it's just as well that Lyle didn't know the story of Silviera; the greatest Commander and hero in all of Verdite since the fall of the Holy King.
With the Excellector in hand, Lyle silently left Leon Shores home on the gentle slope.
The Ancient Battlefield on both sides of the retaining wall, built by David Silviera, carried the fresh scars of ten years of heavy battles. Lyle crossed it, went through the underground barracks no longer in use, and wandered through the land, until he came to a small village where Lyle met Robert Shreve, a poet entrusted by the king to guard one of the Seals of Ichrius.
"Though I was instructed to give you the Seal of Ichrius, I regret to tell you that it has been stolen from me. I'm so sorry, my Prince."
Prince Lyle was informed that a fairy had taken the seal into the nearby woods. Lyle wandered through the maze-like forest until he found the one responsible for taking the Seal of Ichrius. It was Varde, Chief of the Woods. "Lyle, before you head for the castle there is something I must tell you."
After he admitted that his plot - to steal the Seal of Ichrius from Robert Shreve by switching it with the Staff of Varde so that Lyle would have to come to meet him in person, he continued. "Your father, King Alfred, gave the three Seals of Ichrius he obtained to three persons, so that they would eventually reach your hands. One of those is the Eye of Ichrius. The Key of Ichrius will be made from the three Seals when a master craftsman brings them all together. The only one left who can make the key is Leon..." Varde handed Lyle the Eye of Ichrius and a Pixy's Map and gave him these parting words.
"The only one in the past who obtained the power, aside from Ichrius, was the Great Arch Mage Orladin. To fulfill your destiny, you must obtain that power. The seal around the castle is starting to break even as we speak."
With that, Lyle continued on his journey.
Surrounded by a severe atmosphere that seemed to freeze his very breath, Lyle trudged across the frozen plains, a familiar perfume teased Lyle's senses and a brief moment of hope was followed by the heart-breaking site of his childhood friend, Lyn, laying lifeless on the ground before him. As a shudder went down his spine, he remembered his earlier conversation with her, and took the ring off her finger. "Alexander said if I ever wanted to see him, wear this ring and come to the Dragon Spring, but now the Sir Alexander is dead. I'll never see him again. My only wish is to return this ring to the Dragon Spring where it came from."
After a long journey Lyle finally found all of the Seals of Ichrius. With the Eye, Wing, and Crown of Ichrius he headed back to the home of Leon Shore, not to end his journey but to continue it. Lyle left Ichrius' items and the Excellector with Leon, and wandered the countryside for a while. Upon his return to Leon's home, the Key of Ichrius was completed and the Excellector was freshly polished. But Leon was gone, leaving only a note.
Once again Lyle continued on his journey, only this time and with the power of the Key of Ichrius, traveling was a lot faster. Lyle reached a place that had been abandoned for many years. It was the Ruins of the High Elves and it was there that he found what the true power of the Key of Ichrius really was.
Upon placing the Key of Ichirus in an indentation on a pedestal, the archways he had found throughout this place suddenly came to life. Now he could cross the vast chasms surrounding the ruins. It was through this method that he found the entrance to the Temple of Orladin and his skeletal remains.
"Who am I, and where am I going...I did not know all things and that scared me." This is true nature of Orladin, the one they called the Great Arch Mage. Orladin who was in the depths of a cave, was speaking to Lyle across the ages. Lyle had become the only man in all of Verdite to know the true Orladin.
"Forge ahead to lay hold of your destiny. I hereby give you all I can. You, after all, have a road you must follow and are the keeper of my hope."
Beyond where Orladin sat was the Dragon King Tree. This tree of knowledge started to give Lyle a summary of the world. Once Lyle understood it, Vallad presented him with the armor of Ichrius using these words. "My small remaining will made the High Elf Ichrius prepare for this day, and Orladin guarded my treasure for many years. Now that the Chosen One has appeared, can the world finally be set straight! Fulfill your destiny, Golden King! Fulfill the will of Vallad!"



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