Dwarf Cave

Dwarves Cave

Primary Goals:

Items of Special Interest:

1 - The area of the Dwarves Cave does not contain a lot of new or special items, but it is a good place to gain a couple of levels and gain magic power. You can gain 2 new weapons here, one pretty easily, the other is chancy and hard to make happen.

2 - The Elchris Bow uses the light arrows you have been finding around Verdite but at a cost to your HP's. The Groundal Blade (see Cason region) can be obtained here from a Garan Lizard, but there is only a 1 in 256 chance of him dropping it. The dwarves here have a few things to teach you and Jens can turn the Promeus you have been obtaining into pieces of Promeus armor. The nice thing about this armor is when you have all 5 pieces (Helm, Armor, Arm, Boots and Shield) you are invulnerable to all Physical attacks. Try this armor out on the traps around Verdite that do only physical damage. HAH! As for magic attacks´┐Ż..

3 - The entrance to the caves is in the Southwest, the cave to the East of the one in the far Southwest corner. Enter, explore everything.

4 - The Groundal Blade can be obtained from one of the Garan Lizards in the caves. There is a 1 in 256 chance of it dropping the blade. I have only managed to make this happen once long ago in my first or second game. There are 2 places the Garan Lizard will appear. I think the place it is supposed to occur is in the North room with a Water Crystal in the chest. The Southern room has a Garan Lizard that regenerates far more often than the other. The room in the far North is where I remember getting the Groundal Blade and at least one other person I know has said that is where it happens. I will try sometime to get this bladeagain but it can turn into a really time consuming event.

Items List:

Earth Herbs
Light Arrows
Verdite Crystal
Fire Crystal
Water Crystal
Dwarves Key
Power Fruit

Green Bracelet
Morning Star
Elchris Bow
Groundal Blade*

* = Must come back later or satisfy some special condition to obtain; Will be described in the Walkthrough.

Dwarves Cave

Enter the grassland area and head South. The Hellworms you meet can only be attacked from the front or back, or with an area attack spell (Like Lightning Bolt or Earthwave). When I say the front, I mean head on. Which sets you up to be attacked easily. Do NOT underestimate their reach.

The 6 Caves along the East and South walls will have 1 locked door, a man named Mark Marcus (not Marky Mark) who does have a piece of Promeus on him (but you have to kill him to get it and Jens does not like murderers), a Save Point, another locked door, the path into the caves and a dead end. Talk to Mark, Save your game and head into the South cave entrance that leads into the caves and head South then West. Talk with Gullick the Dwarf, buy anything you want/need, then head East into the Caves.

The irregular floor can affect your accuracy when attacking so be prepared to have a decent spell to back you up. When you finally make it all the way to visit Jens the Blacksmith, talk to him a lot. You will learn about an item he created for his son and it wound up killing his son. This is the Elchris Bow. He will tell you about going after it. Find the Dwarf Key to unlock 3 doors in the cave (after that, it is useless), claim the Elchris Bow, and have Jens start making some Promeus armor for you. You will have to come back much later to get the armor piece you have chosen to have made. Be sure to make only 1 of each piece because you will only find 5 pieces of Promeus in the game. A complete set makes you Invulnerable to physical attack.

TIP: Promeus Armor and Jens. There is a way to get the piece of armor very quickly. Have Jens start to work on a given piece of armor. Head outside and into the cave with the save point. Save your game. Now, reload the same saved game. Go back to Jens and your piece of armor is ready to go. Repeat for each piece of armor.

When done here, head to your next destination. I will usually use the Ichrius Wings to go back to Cason, load up on Gold Potions, then head to the entrance to the Frozen Plains.