The Valley Of Garan

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Valley of Garan

Primary Goals:

Items of Special Interest:

1 - The Valley of Garan will net you three very important items: the Ichrius Key, the last Wise Fruit and Lyn's Ring. Lyn's Key will be used later at the Royal Cemetary. The Crown of Ichrius is needed NOW. With the three items of Ichrius and a level 3 Excellector, you can return to Quist and to Leon Shore and he will make the Ichrius Key for you. The last Wise Fruit will allow you to attain level 5 magic spells.

2 - The other items you can get, 2 pieces of Promeus, the Morguline Axe, Groundal Mail and Crown are good additions to your growing arsenal. Good thing there isn't a weight limit on you, right?

3 - The Promeus Golems here will give you the 2 pieces of Promeus, and they are weakest against Light attacks and Cutting attacks. The Vaculacia Sword (with it's cutting and water-affinity) is a good choice for close encounters. Beware their ability to throw stones at you.

4 - The death of Lyn may cause you some grief and may affect your gameplay. Take a few days off and come back ready to issue justice to the evil forces that brought about her ruin.

Items List:

Earth Herb
Orladins Needle
Verdite Crystal
Earth Crystal
Promeus (2)
Wise Fruit
Lyn's Ring
Ichrius Crown

Large Bow
Morguline Axe
Groundal Mail
Groundal Crown

* = Must come back later or satisfy some special condition to obtain; Will be described in the Walkthrough.

Valley of Garan

Explore everything. There is a creature called a Shell Dragon in one of the tunnels that can ONLY be damaged from the front and even then it is a very narrow area (literally head-on).

Once you have the Ichrius Crown, you should teleport back to Ralugo and hike back to Quist. However, it would be a good idea to save your game, then teleport. You will need to go up a level before Leon Shore gives you back the Ichrius Key, so save, mark down your XP, go do some leveling up to see how far you have to go, restart your saved game, and carefully monitor your experience gathering. Make sure you only need a few hundred points (or less) before you give all 4 items to Leon. Then go save again, raise up a level, save in a separate slot, and then go see Leon. You may need to restart your game but you should be able to get the Ichrius Key back very quickly.

Now you can travel all over Verdite. Stay away from the Hill of Prayer area and beyond for right now. Instead, head on over to the Ruins of the High Elves for some powering and leveling up!