The Ruins Of The High Elves

Ruins of the High Elves

Primary Goals:

Items of Special Interest:

1 - This is a dangerous area at any level of experience. The narrow and uneven paths lie next to and across great chasms. Slow, careful movement is recommended. The primary path to take is as follows: Start in the SW, head N to the LONG bridge crossing a chasm from West to East. Cross over, head North and enter the cave in the East wall. When you come out into the next chasm area, head NE to the Save point. Head across the bridge near there to the island with the hut on it. Cross the bridge to the South then turn immediately East across another bridge. Follow this all the way to the East edge and look South onto a lower island. Find the narrowest point between them and run/leap over. Do it again to the next island and then cross the VERY long bridge heading South. The Stone pedestal in the middle of the next island has an indentation in it for the Ichrius Key. Once inserted, the archways activate into teleporters with purple doorways. Remove the key and start jumping around and collecting everything.

2 - Go back across the long bridge, head West and South to another bridge running West-East. Cross it, Save in the South cave. Go to the cave just North of here, and when you come out, use the teleporter to the North to cross over to the Ichrius Blue Water Spring. Take the NW teleporter across to the island that is the entrance to Orladins Temple.

3 - You can collect Groundal Arms and Boots here, which should complete your arsenal of Groundal armor.

Items List:

Earth Herbs
Blood Stones
Moon Stone
Earth Crystal*
Wind Crystal
Fire Crystal*
Dragon Crystals
Orladins Needles*
Orladins Key

Groundal Arms
Groundal Boots
High Elf Guard

* = Must come back later or satisfy some special condition to obtain; Will be described in the Walkthrough.

Ruins of the High Elves

Explore everything. The Shell Dragon makes another appearance, but this time a well placed fireball or Light Arrow will prevent you from having to go face to face. Be sure to save before you make your way to the entrance to the Maze Temple of Orladin.