The Maze Temple Of Orladin

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The Maze Temple of Orladin

Primary Goals:

Items of Special Interest:

1 - You should have at least 2 Orladins Keys when you enter the Temple. More is a good idea for later, but not really necessary. There are 5 of them scattered around this floor, which are easily obtained, but you may want to be prepared.

2 - Equip your Promeus Armor or Orladins Mail, one against all physical attacks, the other to cut magic use in half. In this region and the next, Magic will play a BIG role. There are Guards that all regenerate in the immediate area, so head East and begin clearing out the lower SE areas, then take the long path from the SE up to the NE where several Crystal can be found as well as Orladins Hood resides in a locked Orladins Chest. Head back to the Save point and Save. You can spend some time leveling up off of the Guards, they are worth 80 XP.

Head up the NW corridor to the far N and open the door on the East wall. Now go down to the door just South of this and head East. At the first 4 way junction, clear out the N and S areas first. Go all the way back and Save. No go back to the 4-way junction and continue East. You will find a square on the floor that teleports you to the Palace of the Beginnings.

3 - You can collect Groundal Arms and Boots here, which should complete your arsenal of Groundal armor.

Items List:

Earth Herbs
Blood Stone
Moon Stone
Earth Crystal*
Wind Crystal
Fire Crystals
Water Crystal
Light Crystal*
Orladin's Needle
Orladin's Keys

Orladin's Hood

* = Must come back later or satisfy some special condition to obtain; Will be described in the Walkthrough.

The Maze Temple of Orladin

Explore everything. Guards, Puppets, Face Traps and Raymires abound here. The faceTraps have a little glitch. If you are close enough to one, they stop shooting arrows at you. Of course, getting that close...

Collect all the crystals, search and claim everything.

Move on towards the Palace of the Beginnings.