The Place Of The Beginning

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Place of Beginnings

Primary Goals:

Items of Special Interest:

1 - Completion of this region will complete most of your quests to become the most powerful character you can be. Aside from obtaining the Moonlight Sword and repairing it, and obtaining Seath's Sword, there are no more major items to be found in the remaining unexplored regions. There may be a few things to go back and get, but from the end of this region on, your secondary goal should be powering up. The primary goal will be obtaining and repairing the Moonlight Sword.

2 - The North Path leads to a room containing an Orladins 'chest' with the Fairy Fossil inside. This item is necessary to get the Moonlight Sword repaired.

3 - The South path only nets you a Light Crystal and an Orladins Key.

4 - The East path will lead into 2 areas, the Northern one where you can collect 6 Orladins Keys, 2 Light Crystals, and 1 Orladins Needle, the Southern area is full of Guards and Orladins Keys and is the path to obtain the Power of Orladin. However, you need the Key that will give you access. For that, you must head West.

5 - The West path also separates into North and South, but North only contains the easiest to get to Save Point. You will need to use this often. The Southern Path has several narrow paths/bridges to cross, poison rivers and lava rivers. Your opponents are FireStorm casting Alchemines and 2 lava spewing Flares. Be prepared to get hit and fall off the walkways by the fireballs being hurled at you. As for Magic, my personal choice is Bortech (Water, L4). You can cast it at opponents on the other side of walls! Since Alchemines are weak against water attacks and it incapacitates them for the duration of the spell, it is the easiest and most effect spell for this area.

SPECIAL!!!! The Anorium Sword. This sword of Anor is a fire-based sword. There is one Alchemine that regenerates at the VERY END of the West section (Where the Demons Head (the Key to Orladins Power) is found. About 5 in 256 tries will produce the sword. This Alchemine does not need Lava to regenerate. You must travel a distance away (about as far as the farthest Northern wall in this region) and back and she will have reappeared.

LEVELING UP> This area provides an excellent opportunity to level up which will be denied you if you kill off the Flares. And to get the Power of Orladin (whish IS why you are here) you MUST kill them off to proceed onward. Here is how it works. In both of the Lava areas in this region, there is one Alchemine who will always regenerate (like a Phoenix will be reborn from it's own ashes) so long as the Flare that is feeding the lava river continues to live. Kill the Flare and the Alchemine will NOT regenerate. Alchemines give you 161 XP. I have entered this area at level 29 and left it at level 46. A combination of Bortech and patience netted me a great jump in levels. As I approach the first lava area in the Northwest by crossing the Poison rivers, I do NOT cross the second one in the narrower section below the Lava river. Instead, I use the wall as protection against being hit by the Alchemines Fire Storm attacks. I wear all of Orladins armor pieces to benefit me the most. It also reduces MP use and speeds Mpower return. I always look in here general direction and cast Bortech. After she dies, I always wait until she has fully regenerated before I cast Bortech again. You see, if she has not regenerated and you cast Bortech, it WILL hit the Flare and possibly kill it. Thus all your leveling up is for nothing. Be patient, pick your 'shots', have PLENTY of Gold Potions, level up and be willing to teleport to a Gold Water Fountain to replenish your supply of potions, then come back to this place to do it some more. Decide how much leveling up you are going to do, reach your goal, then go on.

Items List:

Verdite Crystal*
Dragon Crystals*
Light Crystals*
Orladins Needles*
Earth Crystal*
Fairy Fossil*
Orladins Keys*
Demons Head*

Anorium Sword*

* = Must come back later or satisfy some special condition to obtain; Will be described in the Walkthrough.

The Place Of The Beginning

I recommend first leaving the central intersection where you arrived and going South to get Orladins Key. This being done, head West past the stone creatures called Crannells and then to the Save point. Save, and head back to the central intersection. Go North and equip the Elchris Bow (Or the Bow if you have not obtained Elchris) and slowly enter the chamber. Have your best Light Magic resistant armor on. The Crannells and the Graines attack with light. As you move into this chamber, the Graines will start shooting at you. Pick them off one by one. Get the Fairy Fossil from Orladin's Chest. Save.

Next, I recommend heading East and then South to collect all the Orladins Keys and to visit the remains of Orladin himself! Once done, stay in the East area but now go into the Northern portion, opening doors and collecting from the chests there. You will probably gain a level or 2 by the time you have finished this East area. Save. Teleport out and replenish your Gold Potions if you need to.

Now head into the West and then proceed from the South up towards the North and finally reach the farthest point where a lava river, a Flare, 2 Alchemines, and a chest containing a Skull. This is called the Demon Key and is the Skull of the prankster, Orladin. Return to his skeleton with this and use it on him. The path to the Great Dragon Tree opens. Go there and learn the truth about Guyra and Seath, then obtain the full set of Ichrius' Armor. Each piece boosts at least one magic ability or gives special protection (or both!). Take a look at your Light Magic power. You should see a significant boost! If you have Orladins Shield with you, you will see it now has transformed and gives you an added 30 points to light magic when equipped. By now, you should be putting off enough light to power New York City for 3 months! When done check to see if you are level 50 or above. If so, teleport back to Cason and get the Groundal Blade. If not, you can travel some more or go ahead and teleport to the frozen plains to head through the Passage of Death. You are now on your way to the final confrontation with the King, your father.