The Passage Of Death

Temporary map:

Passage of Death

Primary Goals:

Items of Special Interest:

1 - The Passage of Death has many traps and the remains, both physical and spiritual, of those who went before (and failed to make it through). Secret doors are the norm here. If you face a deadly physical trap, put on the entire set of Promeus Armor for physical invulnerability. Otherwise, the Ichrius Armor is probably the most well rounded set of armor you now have.

2 - The Royal Key becomes available. There are 2 cheats in here which open to it, and there is one chest way back in Quist which has a Sword in it that needs this key to open it.

3 - There is another Power Fruit here and a few magic Crystals to find. Otherwise, make your way through (carefully) and I'll see you on the Hill of Prayer.

Items List:

Earth Herbs
Blood Stone
Moon Stone
Dragon Crystal
Earth Crystal
Water Crystal
Light Arrow
Power Fruit
Orladins Needle
Royal Key

* = Must come back later or satisfy some special condition to obtain; Will be described in the Walkthrough.

Passage of Death

In here, move slowly, test every wall slowly. Spear traps, Mace traps, creatures, big mechanical traps, everything that makes a good warrior shudder, you got it here. Speed will kill you. Keep an eye on your Pixie Map.

From here, exit out onto the Hill of Prayer.