Guyra's Chamber

Temporary map:

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Guyra's Chamber

Primary Goals:

Items of Special Interest:

1 - Once you teleport in, you will be in a large chamber with Death Fighters. Keep healing items attached to the Select key so you can use magic while combating them and heal when necessary.

2 - The ONLY thing to accomplish here is to fix the Moonlight Sword.

3 - Once you teleport out of the first chamber, you will find yourself surrounded by Demon Lords who cast Flash. Also, there is an area to the North with a couple of Demon Lords who cast at you from long range. Take care of those close to you first then take out those at long range.

4 - To the south you come to a gap with no bridge. Use the Fairy Fossil at the gap to create the path to Guyra.

Guyra's Chamber

Beware the Demon Lords and their spell, Flash. Hint: They are weakest against Light then Water, Stabbing then Cutting attacks. If you are careful, you may be able to use their own attacks against them. Keep Herbal Liquids attached to the Select Key.

Just enter Guyra's Chamber and the Moonlight Sword will be automatically repaired.