Castle Dungeon

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Verdite Castle - Dungeon

Primary Goals:

Items of Special Interest:

1 - Work on clearing the Western area first, then go down into the Prison area in the East. In the middle of the Western area, you will find the hands and one head of the Blood Demons. Ranged attacks are best. Also, the far Northeast room is full of these creatures. Enter there with magic spells blazing away!

2 - The Ebony Bracelet improves all magics EXCEPT Light. It also gives you a 50% chance to be protected against any Magic attack. Not a bad item, really.

3 - The Corridor Key is located in the Western area, in the Northeast section..

4 - The Gatekeepers tend to regenerate, so you can do some leveling up here.

Items List:

Earth Herb
Blood Stones
Herbal Liquid
Verdite Crystal
Earth Crystal
Wind Crystal
Crystal Flask
Corridor Key

Ebony Bracelet*

* = Must come back later or satisfy some special condition to obtain; Will be described in the Walkthrough.

Verdite Castle - Dungeon

Ranged attacks are best, but you tough guys can try hand-to-hand if you want. I usually keep using Light spells to keep gaining power levels leading up to the final battle.

Be sure to enter the secret door behind the drawing on the wall in the Northeast area.