Verdite Castle, Second Floor - King Alfred

Temporary map:

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Verdite Castle - 2nd Floor

Primary Goals:

Items of Special Interest:

1 - There is a treasury in the East that you have to run a gauntlet of Imperial Guards and Death Knights to get to. Flash works well as does Orladin, although Orladin does not track as well as Flash. Once you reach the treasury, ransack, use crystals and head back up and out into the main corridor, then South to the Save Point.

2 - The Luster Wing n the far Southwest room adds 20 points to Light Magic.

3 - WARNING. Once you get close enough to the doors to the Throne Room in the Northwest, the game will take over you will be forced into the final battle. Be SURE you are equipped and prepared for this battle before approaching the doors. The Moonlight Sword, Orladin, Ichrius Armors, Luster Wing, Ebony Bracelet and Herbal Liquids to the Select Key are my best equipments for this battle.

4 - There are 2 parts to this final battle. First, you take on Daddy John, and when you mop the floor with him, you can use the Dark Slayer Sword, which boosts all magics EXCEPT Light by 40-55 points. Your next battle will be with the holy Dragon - Seath in humanoid form. Once you complete this battle, you head to the final scenes and then the credits.

5 - There are 2 possible endings to this game. The one where you destroy Seath and another where you attack and become possessed, losing the game and the land is plunged into darkness. One way is to use the Moonlight Sword, and I think (I have never done it) the other way involves using Dark Slayer against him.

Items List:

Blood Stone
Moon Stone
Dragon Crystals
Verdite Crystal
Earth Crystal
Water Crystal
Light Arrow
Crystal Flasks
Orladin's Needles*
Truth Glass

Luster Wing
Crescent Axe
Dark Slayer*
Battle Axe

* = Must come back later or satisfy some special condition to obtain; Will be described in the Walkthrough.

Verdite Castle - Second Floor

This is it. The final level and the final battles. There is a horde of Imperial Guards and Royal Guards blocking your path to face Daddy. Again, go slowly and use ranged magic attacks to take them out. Go ahead and use the Bows since you will NOT need to use them in the final 2 Boss fights, although you can (for a real challenge).

Be sure to get the Luster Wing before you challenge the King.

Tactics in the final battle are basically hit, back off, fire a spell, move in, hit, etc. Basic tactics and a LOT of fancy footwork. Keep back when you cast your spells and allow their full effect to finish before stepping in to fight up close.

Congratulations for making it this far. Best wishes for the final battles.