Forest Of Varde

Forest Of Varde

Primary Goals:

Items of Special Interest:

1 - There are Tree Stumps blocking several paths. Some will not go away until after you talk with Varde in the far North East area. Others can be moved by using Vardes Key to get to Varde. You can obtain Vardes Key from the man playing a Harp (NW corner, behind house) in the first area you come into to be able to pass by these stumps. The Locks for each are marked by a Brown Circle and a number. Corresponding numbered circles in solid red and clear circles with red print represent the movable stumps. When the Key is used, 1 stump goes away and another appears to block an alternative path. After Varde, you will not have to worry about stumps again.

2 - Giant Stools make their appearance. These big beauties are easy to see from a distance. Ranged attacks are strongly recommended.

3 - There are 2 areas by the river where access to the nearby area can be made by having to go around a tree. It also puts you VERY close to the river, and falling in means death. So be very careful when going around these trees. The locations are the red Arrows in the river.

4 - You pick up your first Accessory item here, the Green Bracelet. In the Southeast area, next to the Giant Stool.

Items List:

Earth Herbs
Light Crystal
Dragon Crystal *
Silviera's Key
Light Arrows

Green Bracelet
Earth Shield
High-Metal Breastplate

* = Must come back later or satisfy some special condition to obtain; Will be described in the Walkthrough.

Forest of Varde Walkthrough

Now would be a good time to go back to Quist and complete a few things. First, get everything from Queen Noels Tomb. Second, use the Capricorn on the star at the Statue of Silviera to break the seal on the chest nearby and claim the Silvarion Sword, a Broad Sword with Light attributes. Then come on back and enter the Forest of Varde.

There are a total of four save points in the Forest, scattered around. You come to the first 'puzzle'-type event in the game, finding Varde. Speak to the Harpist behind the house in the first area you come to. He will explain to you about the 3 items of ICHRIUS a bit. This is ESSENTIAL information, since the three Keys of Ichrius are needed to obtain the power you need to take on the final boss. So listen to the man. With Varde's Key, you must now enter the forest and claim the first key. Open the North door.

The path to Varde can be determined by following the places where the Key fits IN NUMERIC ORDER. Remember, Varde is in the Far Northwest corner and the ONLY way to get to him requires you use the key in this sequence: 2, 3, 4, 3, 5. You can bypass #1 and you DO need to use #3 the first time in order to access #4, then go back and use #3 again to open back up the path that will pass by the area that was blocked by the stump moved by #4, then use #5. Talk to Varde, read all his info, get the Ichrius Eye and Pixie Map, then head South along the West wall.

The Ichrius Keys (Eye, Crown & Wings) allow you to teleport to a specific Gold fountain in a specific region (each). Once assembled together to form the Ichrius Key, you can teleport to ANY region. The Ichrius Eye will take you to the fountain in Ralugo, the next area, but I suggest you NOT use it right now but instead spend some time clearing the forest first, gaining experience and a few more items. There are 2 chests you cannot open right now (A Silver Key and a Magicians Key chest). The monsters are familiar so no new challenges exist except the Giant Stools. Use ranged attacks. Also, use the Fountain to heal regularly, as need arises.

There is a good chance of you becoming poisoned here. If your HP's are above 60 when poisoned, do NOT use an antidote yet. Let the poison take off points until it loses effect. If necessary use 1 (one) Earth Herb or (even better idea) use a blue potion to heal yourself back up. You can easily replenish the potion at the fountain and heal fully up. This will allow you to conserve those antidotes AND earth herbs for later use.

Harvines Palace of Wind is accessible from the Forest, but NOT fully until you have at least 1 point in Wind magic. You will be denied entrance until then. So, when done here, go ahead and WALK to Ralugo.