The Path Of Poison

The Path of Poison

Primary Goals:

Items of Special Interest:

1 -The Path of Poison is actually a small area with a secret annex attached belonging to Orladin the Mage. His area requires special 'keys' (They look like white blocks with an orange extruding portion to it) to access all areas and gain all items from his 'chests' which actually look like white marble pedestals. There are a few keys available, but not enough to get to the REALLY nice items. Other keys can be obtained in quantity from the Dwarves Cave, the Maze Temple of Orladin, and the Place of the Beginning.

2 - The ONLY thing you really need here is the Aquarian Boots. This item is essential to proceed on into Verdite through Lake Noel. It is located in the far Northwest region of Orladins temple area here in the Path of Poison, guarded by an Alchemine which can shoot Firestorm at you (the one that tracks/follows you)

3 - The main item to obtain while walking through the poison areas is the Silver Ring. Once you have it, it will prevent you from taking damage as you walk through poison, but it does NOT prevent being poisoned.

4 - The treasure trove in the far Northeast has many chests that can only be opened by the Silver Key. Most of the items are basic but the primary interest items are the Crystal Flask and the Rai-Jin Arms. There are also a Fire Crystal, Light Crystal and Water Crystal available now, but getting to the Light Crystal means going through 4 Guards and getting the Water Crystal means taking on 2 Raymires. These creatures are TOUGH opponents right now, so be sure to save before taking them on.

5 - There are two other items worth obtaining, but you need many more Orladins Keys to get them. They are Orladins Mail and Orladins Guard.

Items List:

Earth Herb
Bloodstone x2
Herbal Liquid
Crystal Flask
Light Crystal x2*
Fire Crystal x2
Water Crystal
Power Fruit x2
Silviera's Key x2
Jail Key
Orladins Key x10
Orladins Needle

Silver Ring
Orladins Mail
Orladins Guard
Morning Star
Broad Sword
Rai-Jin Arms

* = Must come back later or satisfy some special condition to obtain; Will be described in the Walkthrough.

Path of Poison Walkthrough

If you have not gone back through the all the first regions from Quist on and opened all the chests you can, then do so now.

The Path of Poison has a long corridor and room where green poison flows over portions of the floor. As you walk over these areas, you will take rapid damage from intense poisoning. Be sure to watch your HP's. Sprinting through these areas is recommended until you get to the room with the Silver Ring in it. Once you equip that, walking over the flowing poison no longer causes damage but can still poison you. Silver boots also helps to prevent the damage, but cost a lot. Once you have the Ring, you can deal with the poisoning with healing/restorative magic and antidotes.

Go to the Light Family treasure house in the Far North East and use the Silver key to open (almost) all the chests. Collect the items, especially the Crystal Flask and the Rai-jin Arms, which decreases the weight of a weapon by 75%. The latter item makes the Capricorn a MUCH more effective weapon. Then save and go collect the Aquarian Boots from the secret room near the Alchemine in the Northwest.

You can spend the time trying to collect other items if you wish, but it can just as easily be done later. I recommend trying at least a few times, especially if you are close to gaining a new spell and the addition of a Crystal will give it to you. Otherwise, head back to the Path of Poison and head towards Lake Noel.

Returning With Orladins Keys - If you have come back with extra Orladins Keys you can now access the many locked walls/doors and chests left behind by Orladin. You will need a total of 6 extra keys beyond those you can find here. That means ANY keys you picked up and took with you when you left here before do NOT count towards the 6 you will need to bring with you. They must be in addition to the 6. Now you can obtain everything else here in Orladins temple area. Save before you do this.