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Cliff Area

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1) When you enter this place you will be in an outdoor area - an intricate maze of narrow ledges and walkways that stand hundreds if not thousands of feet above solid ground. Finally, an outdoor area; now you can catch some sun rays. Hope you brought your suntan lotion.
2) Your biggest enemies in this area are gravity and the cliffs themselves. I died more times from losing my footing and falling off than from fighting all of the creatures put together. To make matters worse, you have to be careful and kill the creatures while they fly over a ledge or walkway. Otherwise, you will not be able to get dropped items. To make matters even more worse, there are NO save points anywhere on the Cliffs.
3) "Off with their heads!" Would be the appropriate phrase for this area. If you want to dispose of the creatures quickly, just aim for the head. A combination of guns, spells, and weapons with a long reach work best.
4) Just as before, you will need to put away some of your equipment or you will be overweight.
5) Random drops include Cunes, Soul Pods, Light Vessels, Anti-Gravity Stones and SSG69 Bullets, as well as the equipment marked with * .

Open the brick door with the bluish symbol and you will be in a narrow tunnel where you can see daylight up ahead. As you enter the tunnel you will hear that bit of mystery music that just screams out "you are about to die!" At the end of the tunnel is you first walkway - very narrow, very dangerous and with a few creatures flying around. Rush up to the wider section before the enemies have a chance to react. Wait until the flying creatures begin their attack. One at a time they will fly towards you. Wait until the last moment and unleash a well-placed spell (fire works best), gunshot or your sword aiming for their head. Try not to move from this spot until you have killed all three creatures. From here you have three paths you can follow. Take the path that is blocked by a rock. Destroy the rock so that you can keep going and enter the cave in front of you.

Follow the short tunnel until you reach the other end. There is another narrow walkway that is covered by some white substance that slows you down as you walk on it. I can think of what this stuff could be since there are very large birds on this area, but I would rather not. There is a baby bird sitting in the middle of your path. Don't let it fool you. It might not kill but it can cast "Gravity" at you and that spell will make your movement be slower than a snail's pace. If that's not enough, when the chick cries out, its parents come to the rescue. Destroy the chick and continue up the path until you get to another rock blocking your way. Destroy the rock and keep going. Two or three more flying creatures will attack you while you are standing on this narrow path; so be careful. Follow the path as it bends to the right (map point A) until you reach the cliff side. Break the face of the cliff to reveal the entrance to a tunnel.

Once again you will be walking on the white substance. Looking closer at the substance that covers these tunnels, I can tell that it's cobwebs rather than what I originally thought ;) .
Walk all the way to the end of the tunnel. Pick up a pair of glowing purple Leg Guards from the eggshells. Turn around and enter the cave on your left. Pick up a Smith and Wesson #2 Revolver from the floor and search the skeleton for a White Amulet. Equip it right away and then search the eggshells for two Cunes. Exit this cave and go back the way you came.

As you step out of the cave, there will be more creatures waiting for you. Get rid of them and go back to the spot I asked you to remember earlier - the place where the narrow path bends (map point A). Walk up to the edge and look down. Line yourself up with the ledge below and jump down.

Turn around and dispose of the chick before it makes a big fuss. Walk forward until you see a pile of bones and search them for a round amulet. Now turn around and take the path blocked by a rock. Destroy the rock and keep going up the long and narrow walkway. If you are attacked at this point, just try not to move backwards. Rush over to the safety of the ledge and stick to the cliff wall like a fly on a web.

Continue up the ledge destroying anything that gets in your way until your path is blocked by a larger rock. You know what to do. There will be four or five flying creatures along this ledge. After you destroy them all, look down towards the open space and locate a column that has a baby chick on it. Go to your equipment menu and choose a Light Ring (I found it to work best for the task at hand). Cast its spell and three rings of light will home in on the baby chick, destroying it. Time to move on.

Follow the rest of the ledge up until you enter a tunnel. Continue in this tunnel and you will reach a cave on your left side with a momma bird watching over junior. Get rid of both of them and then search the cave for a Cune and a Health Potion. There is also a message written on the wall. After you get everything, step out of this cave and turn left along the tunnel until you reach another cave on your right side with another baby chick sitting by the entrance.

This time it appears that junior was left alone, but momma bird is not that far away. Destroy them both and pick up a Long Bow from under the dead body. Search the body again and get a dark Soul Pod. The bow has the power to regenerate MP rapidly as long as you have it equipped; so be sure to use it as you need it. You are in the only Shop and Repair Room in this entire area; make good use of them. Once you are done, go back to the tunnel and turn right.

Follow the tunnel up and around the corner to another baby chick. You know what to do. Now walk slowly up the rest of this tunnel. We are looking for two very small dark spots on the right side of the tunnel wall. When you find them, hit the wall and watch it crumble. Enter the new tunnel and follow it until you reach a ledge. You might be attacked by up to three flying creatures; so be careful. When everything is clear, pick up the Vampire Sword from the ledge. The weapon is powerful, but as we have learned from previous games, there is always a price to pay for such powerful weapons. This sword will slowly drain your HP as long as you equip it. Go back to the main tunnel and turn right until you reach the end.

Destroy all the creatures here before you step out onto the narrow walkway (map point B). From here there are two ways you can go. Take the path on the right leading down. We'll come back to the other path later. As you approach the end of this path, two flying creatures will attack you. Stand your ground and do not back away. After you destroy the creatures, walk into the tunnel covered by more webs.

You will come to a cave entrance on the right side of this wide tunnel. Look inside the cave and pick up all of the equipment from the floor. Starting from the left side you will find a pair of Iron Gauntlets, a black helmet, a glowing set of blue armor, a glowing pair of purple boots, and a long red axe. Equip everything except the helmet and the axe. Go back to the tunnel and turn right until you reach the ledge. Destroy any creature that might attack and then take the Log Bridge down to the other side.

Enter the tunnel and follow it to a room with a baby chick and two skeletons on the floor. Destroy the chick and search the brown skeleton to get a Fire Missile Ring. The spell cast by this ring consists of six fireballs (three from the right and three from the left) that travel on a curved path and home in on multiple targets. Don't equip this ring yet; we need to use it sparingly. Keep following the tunnel until you reach another Log Bridge. Destroy all of the creatures before you cross the bridge. When you reach the other side of the bridge, search the pile of bones and pick up an Ice Needle Ring. Look down to a platform with a chick on it. Kill the chick with a well-placed spell and then look for a lower platform that you can jump on. When you see it, jump down (map point C), turn around and search the pile of bones to get a Cune. You are back at the spot where you first entered this area. Time to go through the entire place all over again until we are back to the spot where we had to choose between the two paths (map point B).

This time take the path leading up and follow it until you reach another one of those tunnels covered with webs. You will be attacked by a couple of flying creatures, but they shouldn't be much of a problem by now. Continue through this tunnel until you reach the other side, destroying anything that gets in your way. Go up the narrow path until you reach a wider platform.

Search the pile of bones to pick up an Amulet but do not equip it. It adds great numbers to your stats, but it is cursed. Just like the Vampire Sword we found earlier, it will slowly drain your HP. You might be able to counter its effects if you equip the HP-regenerating sword at the same time.
For now, equip the Fire Missile Ring. Once you are done, follow the only path leading up until you reach the cliff wall. There is a message written there, but before you have time to read it a flying creature will attack you. This time you don't have any room to maneuver; so just shoot a few spells to get rid of the nuisance that is this creature.

After you dispose of the creature, look down for a lower ledge that you can jump onto (map point D). Line yourself up with the ledge and jump down. Follow the new path up until you reach a wider platform that is partially blocked by a large rock.

Destroy the rock and kill the chick hiding behind it. Continue up the path until you reach a ledge covered by skulls. One of the skulls has a Purple Spider Crown; be sure to get it. Now let's get ready for what is about to come next. Make sure you have plenty of health and magic because you are about to duke it out with the King of all Birds, the mini-boss of the Cliff Area.

Equip the Fire Missile Ring, the M1911 Handgun, and the Vampire Sword. That's right, we are going to use a cursed weapon. Pass through the arch in front of you and get ready. As soon as you enter the nest area, the king will fly down and after a little introduction he will begin to attack. Greet him with a spell. When he gets too close, attack with the sword. Before you know it, three more birds will join the fight. Keep firing spells and using the sword until all of the creatures fall prey to the cursed blade.

The king will drop the Sapphire Key, which you need to make the elevator work. Pick up the Sapphire Key and search the nest to get three rings and three Cunes. Once you are done, exit across from where you entered the nest room and follow the short corridor until you reach a brick door.

Open the brick door and step into the hallway. It will take you back down to the elevator room. Now you can take the sapphire elevator up to the next area.

Use your Sapphire Key to turn the mechanism on. Use the elevator to go up. There will be a Save Point between the elevators on the upper floor. Make sure you save your game here before venturing any further. Take the only door to exit the elevator room, ignoring the second elevator for now.

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