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Red Desert Area

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1) Every once in a while you will hear a high-pitched noise that causes damage. Think of it as nails scratching on a blackboard. So the main thing to do here is to find out what is causing this noise. Iíll walk you through this area up to that point (red X on the map). From then on you will be free to explore the rest of the Red Desert on your own.
2)Because of the darkness that envelops this place, sometimes it's very hard to see where you are going and it's very easy to get lost. You will end up going in circles unless you remember some key places to use as landmarks. For example, the bridge that crumbles is such a place.
3) Throughout this area you will find plenty of rocks and boulders blocking your path. I recommend taking a blunt weapon of some sort with you so that you can smash such obstructions to smithereens. One of the sledgehammer types will work well until you find the Flaming Axe (a random drop). This axe will remove anything that gets in your way and it's very durable.
4) Just as before, you will need to put away some of your equipment or you will be overweight.
5) Random drops include Health Potions, Cunes, Soul Pods and Shotgun Shells, as well as the equipment marked with * .

Walk up to the door and step into the new area. Continue down the path until you reach the door with a red symbol on it. Before you open this door, let's make some equipment changes. Stepping on the red sands changes your status to "Sealed." Luckily we have a set of leg guards that prevent this from happening. So open up your equipment menu and choose the Flame Leg Guards. Now it's time to move on.

When you first set foot on the red sands, you will take some damage even if you have equipped the Flame Leg Guards. I have not been able to find the cause of that damage, but not to worry; the damage is minimal. First things first. Go up the new path until you come to a strange-looking creature which is a different version of the humanoid from the Scouring Rush Area. He will say something to you and then drop dead. Proceed to the Shop and put away any unnecessary equipment. There is a Health Potion on the floor next to the Shop. If you want to pick it up now, just break the stone blocking it. Now turn around and find the cave entrance to the left of the Shop.

Walk up the narrow cave until you find a message written on the right rock wall. Read it if you like and keep going until you find a humanoid blocking your path. Destroy the creature and take a look at the map sketched on the wall. The red line is pointing to the 'You are here' spot and the red X is where you need to get to...ASAP.

Once you know your destination, the hardest part will be ignoring everything else on the way there. But this is the best way to go because of the damage you keep taking every time you hear that high-pitched noise. Up ahead is a small clearing with another humanoid roaming around. Ignore the creature and move on to the next cave. Keep going until you find a dead body. Search it for a clip of Shotgun Shells and pick up the Shotgun lying on the floor next to the body. There is also a message written on the rock wall. Take a look at it if you wish and move on until you find another map on the rock wall. Look at it to find out how far you have gone.

Continue down the cave until you get to another clearing. There is a Cune on the floor just ahead. Pick it up and run past the humanoid and into the opening on the right. Follow that path into another cave on the right.

There is another map in this cave. You are getting closer. As you come out of the cave, you find yourself on a bridge-like structure (map point B). Be careful; some parts of it will crumble as you approach them. Don't get caught on a crumbling part or you will fall to the lower level of this area. If you happen to fall towards the right, you will end up back at the beginning of the area.

The shortest way to get to your destination from here is to jump off from the left side of the bridge. You wonít take any damage; so donít worry. You will be in a very large room that has many boulders blocking your way. Smash them to get through and stay close to the left wall so that you wonít get lost. Straight ahead you will find a path that is blocked by more boulders. There is a Save Point at the end of this path; so I suggest you destroy the boulders. As you approach the Save Point, a body will fall from above. Search it for a Cune and save your game.

Turn around and stay close to the wall on your left. You might have to destroy more of those boulders blocking your way and a humanoid or two if you canít get past them quickly enough. Pick up whatever they drop and move on. Find the first path on your left and follow it until another body drops from above. Search the body for a bag of Dust of Thorns and continue on this path until you find the dead body of that guy from the Scouring Rush Area (if you didn't kill him back there). Don't bother searching him. It seems he found nothing useful in this area, the poor unfortunate fool.

Look around; there should be two paths to choose from. Take the path on your left and continue on until you find a small altar-like structure with a strange-looking weapon in the center. I like calling it the Spear of Fear. It is the cause of all your current problems. Too bad it isn't a real weapon that you can equip. I would have loved to see what it can do. You will have to destroy it, but beware the wrath you are about to unleash.

Walk up to the Spear and try to take it. When you do, it will begin to move and then shatter into tiny little pieces. This causes the Mini Boss of the Red Desert to be awakened. Arm yourself with the Shotgun and kill him from far away. He attacks by hitting the ground, causing aftershocks that damage you. If you stay far enough away, the shock waves will not reach you. A few well-placed shots and a couple of spells will be enough to destroy him.

Pick up the Crimson Key dropped by the Mini Boss and head out of the altar room. You will find Auriel/Rurufon standing next to the guy's body. Talk to her until she gives you a Bastard Sword. Don't bother equipping this weapon; it's cursed. Just put it away until you get to a Shop. There is also a slight chance she will give you a ring instead of the sword, but I have not been able to figure out how. Maybe it is only given to you if you killed the NPC in a previous area...I would have to test that theory at a later time.

Now you are free to roam the entire area, collecting things and destroying whatever gets in your way. Once you clear the entire area, head back to the Elevator Room. Save your game and use the Crimson Key to go up to the next level.

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