This is the page to view otherwise unknown statistics and also, to unearth all the secrets in Diadem of Maunstraut. Below you will find maps, various character schematics and special saved games.


Below are links to all the maps of Maunstraut, all of which are in the spoiler category, so, fair warning. These maps are based upon the version 1.31 of the game. The only maps that aren't featured are boss areas and the playable ending. They do not feature common enemies and items, but are color coded in what they display. The door legends are featured on the maps themselves.

The color guide to the maps is as shown:

Red is for rare monsters that drop valuable items.
Blue is for NPCs that have valuable information and/or goods.
Green is for important objects like save points and switches.
White is for area starts and transfers.
Violet is for learnable spells.
Olive is for important items and equipment.

~ Forbidden Fields & Cave Map ~

~ Path of Sorrows Map ~

~ Castle Imbrium Map ~

~ Ensom Grav - Earth Lair Map ~

~ Fortapelse - Fire Lair Map ~

~ Sorgsvarte - Wind Lair Map ~

~ Livets Rett - Water Lair Map ~

~ IX Legio Draconis Praesidium Map ~

~ Secret Area - Tower of Shadows Map ~

Character Class

In previous King's Field games, the class (even though not displayed) was important. You had to be a certain class to use sword magic (60STR 60MAG). With Diadem of Maunstraut that is not the case; sword spells can be cast at any class.

Nonetheless, classes are still displayed in the menu. If you are aiming for a certain character title (like I do) this guide will show you what STR and MAG stats you need. This link is not considered a spoiler.

~ Statistics of the Classes ~

Leveling Up

If you are like me, you sometimes wonder how much more experience you'll need to gather to get to the next level. Below is a chart that shows all levels, the experience required, as well as estimated Max and Raised HP, MP, STR and MAG. This chart is not considered a true spoiler.

~ Leveling up Chart ~

Saved Games

These are files that you can place into your "save" folder, in the Diadem of Maunstraut game folder. These saves are collector based, meaning that they will specialize in having item and equipment collections. More saves will be added as I (again) progress through the game. ^_^

02.dat ~ 3rd Save Slot @ Path of Sorrows Healing Tree - Level 27 Knight, Earth Lair Completed, 21 different items, 14 different weapons, 4 different helmets, 5 different armors, 3 different arms, 3 different boots, 4 different shields, 2 different accessories, 9 learned attack spells.

01.dat ~ 2nd Save Slot @ Path of Sorrows Healing Tree - Level 38 Dragon Knight Earth Lair, Wind Lair, Fire Lair & Water Lair Completed, 24 different items, 17 different weapons, 6 different helms, 7 different armors, 4 different arms, 4 different boots, 7 different shields, 6 different accessories, 13 different learned spells.

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