FIRE WORLD - Ashen Cavern



FW - Ashen Cavern


You enter this cavern facing North.

This is a boss level and it is in reality, one of the most challenging you will come across, based on your present experience, weapon/item/armor combinations and the number and abilities of the creatures you will encounter. So be sure to enter here with ALL items at full durability and lots of Hpotions. You will probably go through several. This region is a series of rock 'platforms' suspended in darkness and most are attached by walkways/bridges.

Grab the items and head N up the steps. WARNING!! There are 3 Berserkers ahead and begin attacking before you get to the next platform.

These guys attack en masse, meaning all at once, together. Remember that they are Fast, Strong and Magic throwers. Put on your best armor, best weapon, use a Fire World Stone, use Bubble, Frost or Acid magic. Take them down quickly, and then check your stats.

To the NE of this platform is a bridge heading E. Do not take it. Meteorites will fall on it (Damaging you) and destroy the bridge. Spare yourself some unnecessary damage. Head N, up then down to the next platform.

The Bone Demons are fireball throwers, but crushing blows and water spells work well. The BD's are slow movers but the Beserkers are not. These creatures keep coming, so once you kill one, another will take its place. It will be like this on each platform. Finish them off, keeping a CLOSE watch on your Hpoints. Weapon/Magic/Weapon was the easiest and fastest way to take them down for me.

Now make your way E down the bridge. Near the bottom stop moving. You will slowly creep down the ramp anyway. Use this time to target with ranged attacks either the Horned Skulls and/or the Zygotes in this area. Once you reach the platform itself, the Horned Skull will be only JUST within sword strike range as they fly overhead. This is good and bad. It means that they will probably not damage you. This is good. But if you try to fight them and keep moving around, with your head tilted all the way back looking up to try and hit them, you just might find the edge of the platform before you know it. This is bad. Wait until later at the ruins in the middle of this platform before you attack them. You can reach them easier from there.

*Special note on finding items - The map has an item here to be found that I never did. However, notified me that he (?) found the item and it was the Crushing Broadsword.

Zygotes are the creatures that remain in one spot and have a large marble for a head. Just keep to the side of them and your sword will finish them off. However, they have friends that like to shoot magic at you from behind, so keep moving if you can.

Please note the pedestal with the 'pincer' shaped ring at the top in the NE area of the platform. This is the locked pedestal containing the key you need to help you transport to the boss. How do you open it and with what? Keep going.

Be sure NOT to drop down the big hole in the platform. There is no bottom to it and nothing to find down there. Except death.

When finished, heal up and head E again to a long pathway to another small platform.

Same strategy as the last platform. Sword is all you really need. Now, be SURE to check your stats, health, Mpoints, items durability, etc. The next platform can be tough. Make sure you have a Fire World Stone going AT THE LEAST.

*The map indicates the Fiery Key can be found, but it is actually dropped.

Everything here breathes fire (surprise!). And casts paralysis. Take out the Ruby's first because they supply you the antidote to paralysis. Then turn your attention to the mutts at your back. They bite, growl, bark and try to stomp you down. Magic spells like Frozen Hornet work well for close encounters. Watch your health and keep swinging. Grab the key that is dropped and prepare for the Boss. You can step into the portal in the S and that will take you to the locked room in the Burning Cavern near the Berserker Room. There is an Hpotion in that room and a SMITHY stone too. I recommend first going through the once locked door and then re-enter the room. That leaves the door open and accessible for later if you need it. Then, go to the smithy to fix your equipment.

Once done, drop down the shaft in the N wall and go SAVE your game, then return all the way back to the locked portal stone here in the Ashen Cavern and use the Fiery key. A compartment opens to reveal the Flaming Key. Use this key right here, right now and you will teleport to the lone platform with no bridge leading to it.




The guy in front of you is the Ebony Knight and he is itching to pick a fight with you. Use your heftiest sword and the Frozen Hornet spell. He moves a lot and likes to cast an explosive fire spell at you when you are close to him. Fire defense is the RULE in armor and items. Keep an eye on Hpoints, especially if you are going toe to toe. He can move fast, but generally is moderate in movement if you keep near to him. If you move away for ranged attacks, he can suddenly slide right up next to you with a pretty good hit. Try dancing in and out with attacks and magic hits, reorienting on his side or flank while he recovers from the stunning hit(s).

***NOTE: I have been told that there is a creature that can appear here with Ebony Knight called the Damned Angle, but I have yet to encounter it. I do know it does make up the list of 150 creatures. I do not know why it does not want to make an appearance with my games, but that is the way it is for now. More details in another update.***

Once down, he will give you a schpiel and then Drop the Fiery Bastard Sword. There is now no reason to stay, so use the Fiery Key to return to the other platform with the chest it came from.


Remember the door you first entered after leaving the Phoenix cave that led to the Burning Cavern? Well, there is a walkway across the Tower from here that leads you to the next World, the WATER WORLD, Impure Pool Area. Head to that area and enter the next World.

****END OF NOTE****