HUMAN WORLD - Cursed Region



HW - Cursed Region


TO GET 100% Creatures = 18

You enter facing North.

The room immediately on your right contains the closest thing to a boss in the HUMAN REALM, so turn left instead. Go through the door and past the 2 Dark Spiders.

Go through the door in the W and into an odd shaped cavern that I will call Cavern B. Follow it W, then N, then back E into a corridor with a low ceiling that leads to the Save Point. Save.

Go back into Cavern B.

Go through the door in the SW corner down into the Tongue Imp Cavern.

Go to the door in the S wall. This leads to the drop-down area from the Solitary Region. There is a Cune to pick up on the floor. Then return to the Tongue Imp Cavern. Go to the NW area and a small corridor appears to the N. Follow it into another small chamber with another 2 Tongue Imps and a Fat Mole.

After taking out the 2 T-Imps, TALK to the mole a total of 4 times. You will see this little feller again and it pays off trying to be nice to him. Now return to the Tongue Imp Cavern and go to the E wall corridor and walk to where the corpse is laying in front of the rock-door. There is writing on the S wall just before you arrive there. Open the rock-door and pick-up the following items:

Now go all the way back to the Inner Tower entry point, stopping by the Save Point to save, and enter the Guardian Room that I told you to bypass.

Take out the first Shadow Spider before proceeding too far into the room. To get the second one, you will have to pass between 2 pillars that are part of the N & S walls. This is the 'mid-point' of the room. Go ahead and take out the next S-Spider but do not approach the mid-point of the room while or after you are dispatching it. If you do, the Guardian will become mobile and attack. That is how to start the battle with the Guardian, who is hanging on the far E wall/altar, simply move past the mid-point and then go back and fight it.

When finished, go back out to the Inner Tower and proceed to the next WORLD/Region by walking back around to near the door to the Forgotten Region and walking off the edge of the path that hangs over the middle of the Inner Tower. You will land on a walkway and be facing the portion that goes up to the other door to the Forgotten Realm. Turn around and go straight down the steps to the door that leads to the first EARTH WORLD Region.