DEATH WORLD - Dark Castle Layer






124 Armored Guardian

125 Armored Warrior

126 Armored Slayer

127 Hell Hunter

128 Karasu

129 Tree Ogre

130 King Edward

131 Claw Head

132 Demons Eye

133 Pulsating Heart

134 Panak

135 Stack Eyes

136 Nyet

137 Amon

138 Apocrypha

139 Descrypha

140 Wizcrypha

141 Bugler

142 Old Face

143 Doriwi

144 Hell Warrior

145 Bone Wolf

146 Blood Bone

147 Hallow Mage (BOSS FIGHT)

Death World is obviously the realm where 'undead' and their minions dwell. Everything considered, with the walking arsenal you currently have, you should have little trouble dealing with most of the creatures you encounter. Usually, if you just keep moving, dancing around, doing hit and back-off attacks combined with a magic spell, the same old combo, then really nothing can escape you.

By now, you will have developed your own style of battle and tactics that work for you. I will now streamline the commentary on battles and make minor commentary where it will be helpful to know in advance.

All of these levels have a constant 'darkness' field in place, so torches, lamps, and bottles of light are ineffective here. You will also keep running into people who 'seal' your magic. This can be easily overcome by the use of the Spirit Books you have been collecting.


DW - Dark Castle Layer


You enter from the WARP stone facing N.

There is a Cune in the SW corner and a Save point here.

Exit the door in the N Wall, and equip yourself to inflict slashing damage and Holy, Fire or Ice damage.

You enter into the SW corner of the Arena.

In the N Alcove, is another opponent.

From here head to the W into the next room.

Hell Hunters are the archers that teleport. Keep the pressure on them and they will not be able to get a bead on you. Similar for the Karasu. There is secret door in the W wall, but you have to teleport into it to open it. Save that for later and let's go upstairs.

Head back into the corridor between this room and the Arena and take the small corridor going N and up to the door. Open it.

Take the N door first and then all the way N into the Tree Ogres Room. Take a Poison Vaccine before entering.

Use Fire and Criticals for fast results.

Return to the corridor and take the W branch of the corridor around to the walkway over the Hell Hunters Room and into the Guard Room overlooking the same room.

Return to the Junction Room and take the E door/corridor. There is a Armored Slayer there that Drops a Cune. Continue to the next Door/Room.

Finish them and head E towards the door to The Undead Layer.