IW - Dream Domain


You enter this Domain facing N.

Now for the easiest level of all the levels in this game. Sure the first Human World level has the weakest monsters and is pretty straightforward, but at the beginning with only the Short Sword, no armor, no items, etc versus the armory you carry in the bag and on your back, the knapsack bursting with items to use, and the jewelry to grant you magic use with only 4, count 'em, four opponents to take out in one room, makes this really the easiest level you will complete for 100% in the stats.

And this is a Boss Level!

OK, you appear in a wide corridor that slowly does a 180 turn to the E - SE. You will pass a WARP POINT to the BEAST WORLD - False Eye Area at the apex of the curve but just go pass it for now to the huge double doors at the bend of the corridor. Stop and equip as follows. Emphasize Strength, Critical, Piercing, and Speed in as best a combination that suits you. Magic should be Holy and Frozen Hornet. First weapon upon entry should be the Warrior Bow, or the Bow if you do not have the WB. Now use another Bottle of light (if you need it) and enter the chamber of Disguise.




Remember how I said this would be an easy level? Well, upon entry, move just a little to the left until you can just make out in the far distance something floating in the air. Do not go behind the pillars. You don't need their protection at all. The things floating in the air are called Dark Spirits.

As soon as you can see the first DS, draw a bead on it and start shooting arrows into it. These guys attack with Dark Gas (you are effectively out of range), MP Drain (you are barely in range, but the heads alternate between attacks; it does not happen often enough to worry about) and Poison Gas (again, you are out of range). So you see, by taking these 3 out first, it will just be you and Disguise, mano y masko. (sorry all you female players - no insult intended). These guys are also magic resistant. So long range physical attacks are the best solution and hey, less hassle in the long run!

Once you finish off the first slowly move forward until the next DS becomes barely visible. At this point so will Disguise who is either on the throne or in front of it. Ignore her. Take out the DS. Finish it, then strafe right (R1) until you can line up and see the one behind Disguise to your right.

Take it out.

OK, now it is you and Disguise.

Pick your attack, Smashing, Slashing or piercing (weakest choice). Equip yourself as you see fist, but keep the Magic the same as noted before. Get ready to use the Weapon-Magic-Weapon combo. Disguise only seems to stun on physical attacks but she keeps throwing magic and physical attack combos herself. She can WARP around but rarely did in my encounters with her. You should be able to get through this by losing less than half your HP, perhaps only 1/4.

Attack with Holy magic first because 1) it did occasionally stun her and 2) you are still a distance from her when she threatens to finish you off. Frozen Hornet does more damage up close. Then, after you fire the Holy attack move right up to her, hit her, dance to her side and then use Frozen Hornet. Do NOT try to get behind her because that insures that she will teleport. Stay to the side or to her front. She will go down pretty fast, say 2 minutes tops.

There it is. You have just gotten 100% on this level.

Now collect the items here and head to the WARP stone to the next World.