BEAST WORLD - False Eye Area






107 Lizard Servant

108 Night Howler

109 Chirper

110 Master Howler

111 Saurian Soldier (Green)

112 Saurian Warrior (Red)

113 Dinogon

114 Hermit Crab

115 Freak

116 Oblid

117 Warden

118 King Hopper

119 Cursed Demon

120 Oxelus

121 Wyvern

122 Death Serpent

123 Necron (BOSS)

Welcome to the world of the beasts. Only 2 levels face you, but there is a trick to the second one. All the creatures there are invisible unless you can obtain the one object that will make them visible. And that is located somewhere in the False Eye Area.


BW - False Eye Area


You WARP into this area facing W.

This room you find yourself in has a Save point and MP trader. Make use of them.

Now equip Holy Magic Rings and Frozen Hornet. You will be able to one-shot most of the smaller beasts with these magics, but physical attacks still are the best first line of offense. Conserve the magic for the real bad ones later.

Now enter the first Chamber.

Night Howlers are headless apes. Remember these guys because you will meet them later, and their BIG daddy will play a very important part in the future when you meet him. These guys can poison you with a touch OR if you get too close to them. They do NOT have to hit you to poison you. Be careful of your attack plan or just use magic.

To the E is the corridor with the door into the Tower, your exit from this level. To the W is a corridor with stairs leading to a small room with a secret door in each wall. Call this the Junction Room. But as you arrive, you meet the lizard servant who serves Necron, Lord of Beast World. If you survive and meet him again, you will obtain a special something (weapon).

After he disappears, move to the S wall and open the secret door to the Howler Den.

You will first encounter 4 NH's back to back, one at a time. You will have to clear most of the level before 'Big Daddy' appears. The Young Dragon Gem is what will make the creatures on the next level visible. More on that later. The 5th NH appears as you re-enter the room later on. The Big Daddy makes his appearance.

When finished, move back to the Junction Room and go through the W wall and take out the one Night Howler in that room who drops a Cune.

Then get yourself ready for some bigger and badder beasts.

Open the N secret Door.

You will need to equip the most potent Poison attack rings you have and any magic attack increasing equipment you have. The next creatures you will encounter receive the most amount of damage and can be stunned by Dual Poison occasionally. The Deadly Bastard sword backed up by Critical plusses worked best and was the most consistent in dishing out high damage.

The Green Saurian Soldiers never stop swinging their man-sized meat cleavers and can cut you down to size quickly. They also have good movement ability. But there is an advantage you have. As you enter this portion of the corridor, look for the second blue flame torch on the left (W) wall. There is an imaginary line that the Saurians will NOT cross right about here. Make good use of it as they appear.

After the three big guys are dispatched, there are the 2 Dinogons, fire-breathing mini-dragons, that attack you. Dual Poison works well again and so does the Deadly Bastard sword.

Now there are three rooms off of this corridor. Go back to the secret door that led into the Main Corridor and search the E wall.

The Hermit Crab is subject to Acid attacks and the Deadly Bastard Sword. But the Freaks go down quickly with Holy magic, especially the weak double ring attack, Judgement.

In the NW wall of Main Corridor is another door leading to the next opponents.

Similar to their green brothers, keep moving and hitting. You WILL take damage in here so keep an eye on the HP and pop an Hpotion if necessary.

The last room off the Main Corridor has a Saurian Warrior in it that only appeared for me after I killed the Lizard Servant in the room at the top of the stairs. The Map says there is an item in the room, but I never have found it nor did the SW drop anything. This room is located in the far NE section of the corridor in the N wall. If anyone else found something please let me know.

Now head up the stairs to the E and claim the fist major prize of this level from the Lizard Servant. DO NOT attack him. Instead, talk to him.

The gift he gave me alternated between the Shadow Wolf Katana and the Shadow Tiger Katana. Give me the Wolf any day. But since MAGI MAGUS can Drop the Wolf every so often, you can hope to get the Tiger in addition to it here.

From here, head back to the NH Den and see if Big Daddy appears. You may encounter another of the smaller ones but the Big one is almost as tall as the ceiling. He is the same creature, just bigger. After he dies, pick up the Gem and head for the next Area. Exit into the Tower and take the path to the left instead of the stairs down.