EARTH WORLD - False Pit Cavern



EW - False Pit Cavern


TO GET 100% Creatures = 24??

You enter this area facing South.

Move into the main cavern here to encounter an Earth Knight.

This E-W chamber has several key locations immediately branching off. Before you fight the Knights, turn right (W) and immediately enter the next passageway running to the N. There is a SAVE point here. And above the SAVE point is an opening that is inaccessible to you, leading to a WARP point from the Hostile Rock Cavern (Boss - Throne Room) one Region down.

Back into the cavern to fight the Knights. Use the Magic/Attack combo to keep them stunned enough to never hit you. They are fast and will do good damage. When finished with them, look to the S at the two passageways in the S wall. The W one leads to a WARP point that will take you back to the HUMAN REALM Forgotten Region to the WARP point you could not access before because it was on a slightly higher level than you could access back then. This is the way back from the lower Regions to the higher ones. The nice thing is that there is a Door in the corridor paralleling this one to the E with a Door into the Shadow Tower and the Lowest Regions. And it will remain accessible.

Now head W and prepare to encounter many Acid Pods in the corridors. They will mainly Drop Hpotions. The twists and bends make it easy for them to attack you with acid balls and hard for you to approach without getting hit. So take an Acid Vaccine prior to entering the corridor. Equip the Caustic Shield if you have it. Or you can just rely on the vaccine as your defense and un-equip all items so as to spare them the acid baths you will be going through.

The first one will appear after you turn S, in the curve in the corridor. But don't worry, you will hear it long before you see or feel it. Do not try to use the Bow because the angle will prevent it from hitting. While working on the first 'Pod, another will appear in the corridor to the NW of it and add to the acid bath you will probably be in. Use the Forward/Hit/Back off tactic to finish off the first pod or the Magic/Physical hit tactic. Either can be effective. The Bow and long-range spells do well against the second one.

Going forward (N), by pass the two side passages on the left (W) and follow the corridor N and then E. Another 'Pod will appear prior to an intersection Going N. In that Corridor is another 'Pod that will Drop an Ashes. There are 2 more on the floor to find.

Go back to the main corridor and head E. This will turn N and leads to the Fire Tower room.

After dispatching the snails, read the plaque on the N wall and then examine the Tower in the middle of the room. You will notice a slot near the bottom. Place the recently acquired Blue Stone into the slot and watch the room change color as the flame turns blue. Remember this room because you will be returning here, but by a different route.

Go all the way back to the area where you first encountered the second 'pod and the 2 W corridors that you did not take. Follow it around to the far W corridor, ignoring the corridor that heads to the N, which leads to a ledge over an open cavern with a Cune on it.

Walk out to the end of the path, turn around and slowly backup until you start falling. Press the forward direction key on the d-pad as you fall to land safely on the ledge directly below you. You are now facing East. Follow the corridor until you come N side corridor that will take you to a room with Acid Pods (yep, again!).

The best way to take these 'Pods out is with long range attacks. Return to the main corridor, travel E and take the first right (S). DO NOT go to the end of the corridor yet! This is the Ray Plant room.

Again ranged attacks are best. Target the Ray Plant (on the pedestal) last. Pick up everything and return to the end of the corridor, where you will be teleported to the Blue Flame room. Go back and save your game. As you pass through the corridors, you will encounter several more Acid Pods, all close to the same spots you encountered them before. You will also encounter one in the Main Cavern.

Now you are ready for the Pit Overpass. Head back into the hallways on a NW course. When you come to the second pathway on the left, take it and immediately turn right (N). This will take you to the Pit Overpass.

At the point you exit the tunnel and come out into the open with the stone path in front of you, you will encounter the first creatures barring your way.

The Guardians drop Cunes, so to get the Cunes, make sure they are hovering over the path when they die. Use Spirit Magic on them and crushing attacks. Then proceed up the path. I recommend the bow as the best way to take out the Bugs. But again, try to take them out when they are in the middle of the path. Either the things they drop fall over the edge or you may make a misstep and plummet to your death, all to get an Hpotion.

When you go under the Overpass, then take a sharp right, you will see another Bug ahead. Be careful on this portion of the path because if you stop and try to stand still, you may find yourself sliding over the edge. The path is steep and slick. Watch your footing.

After you complete the Overpass, you are rewarded with a door to a new Realm contain the first real Boss of the game.