HUMAN WORLD - Forgotten Region



HW - Forgotten Region


TO GET 100% Creatures = 20

You WARP in facing North.


As soon as you appear here, turn left and look down to pick up a Cune. Proceed N to the main corridor. Immediately to your left is one exit to SHADOW TOWER and back up into the prior HUMAN WORLDs so use this later. If you turn right (East) you will see the main corridor and a shaft that branches off to the North. That branch leads to a point that you will be able to WARP INTO this region later, but you cannot get to it because it is up above the corridor and you have to drop down into this area from that WARP point. For now, proceed down the corridor to the E. You will not encounter any creatures in the corridor AT THIS TIME. The main corridor turns N after you pass 2 locked jail cells on your right. Follow it N all the way to the end (you will pass many locked jail cells) where it makes a right angle turn to the left (W). The first branch you come to on the left leads to an Hpotion trader, the next branch you come to leads to the SAVE point for this level. USE IT. The corridor continues to another door to SHADOW TOWER and the Cursed Region. Use this after you finish this level. Now go back down the main corridor to the right angle turn (now turning South) and face the North Wall. Press X to open the secret door here and watch the corpse fall. You may obtain the Acid Vaccine prior to opening the secret door or after. Now turn S and go to the first corridor branching off to the right after you pass another locked cell. Open the secret door at the end of the corridor and walk up to one of the 2 chests at the far end of the room.

As soon as you open one of the chests, 2 Skeletons appear behind you. Take them out. Then the way is clear. Exit the room and head back S down the Main Corridor to the E-W section you came from. Turn W and walk to the edge of the 'Body-Chute' (you'll see what I mean). As soon as you reach this point, a Skeleton appears behind you in the corridor.

Take out the creatures and then return to the 'Chute' room. In the middle of the S wall is a secret door. Prior to entry, I recommend using an Acid Vaccine.

Attack carefully because of the narrowness of this room. Gather the items and return to the Main Corridor while the Vaccine is still in effect. Go almost all the way back to the corridor on the S wall just before the WARP room you entered in. Down this corridor you will find rooms with several Acid Skulls.

- - - (Per Kevin Melloy - 1 of the ASkulls drops a Leather Gloves - Unconfirmed)

After finishing off the 'Skulls, then go into the next chamber.

After dispatching the 'Skull, THEN gather the objects BEFORE you search the corpse on the bed. All that will do is push him off of it and you gain nothing else. It also triggers the appearance of a Skeleton out in the Main Corridor to the W.

Go out and take out the Skeleton. Now go though the Corridor and open the jail doors. In the jail cell next to the Acid Skull Room contains a Blood Skull that never dropped anything.

In the cell next to this one you will see a Skeleton appear as soon as you use the key to open it.

In the N-S part of the Main Corridor, there is a Cune in the SW cell and an Hpotion in the cell second one down from the 'dropping corpse' secret door.

Having finished all this, it is time to go to the next Region. Go to the far NW door and exit into the Tower itself. I recommend you turn right and follow the path around the inside of the tower and then enter the next door to the Cursed Region.