DEATH WORLD - Gate Of The Dead



DW - Gate of the Dead


You enter this level facing NW.

This level is a series of 5 perfectly square platforms, each with their own combination of creatures. These platforms have no railings and long drops into total darkness.

This should go pretty fast.

If you decide to enter this place from the door behind King Edwards throne, you will be greeted by a voice telling you that your magic has been sealed. Unseal it with a Spirit Book.

The Blue Wyverns have a distinct 'chirp/squeak' and they like to fly around behind you. The Bone Wolves have a type of bark that announce their coming. Just keep moving and you will easily take them down. Once you find one, stop walking around and try to concentrate on keeping in a small area. If you roam too much, you will find yourself surrounded and dying very fast.

Move to the bridge to the W, NOT to the N (yet).

After coming to this platform probably 3 dozen times or more, and killing these guys off, it was when I came through here on my second (finished) game while I was not trying to 'milk' the place of items that the shield above was dropped. This tells me that probably each of these guys has something they can drop, but would not for me.

Anyway, these guys are strong, fast, deadly attackers who do not stop swinging their blades and are good at orienting on you. Try to take only one at a time on. For a real challenge (!), take 3 on at one time.

When finished, head W again across another bridge.

Doriwi are large, tall humanoid creatures that walk like gorillas and can paralyze. They are slow and if you hit them and stun them, THEN use frozen Hornet on them and most of the 4 balls will stun them also.

Head back to the Entry Platform and take the N bridge to another platform.

Same tactics as before.

Now head all the way back to the WARP Platform and go up the stairs to the last platform.


BOSS FIGHT - Hallow Mage


Hallow Mage is actually very easy, because the same tactics that took out Magi Magus work here, just without the throne to assist you. The twist is the Blood Bones.

Move to the NE and you may hear some bones rattling as you approach. This is good. Blood Bones each have a Curse field about them but will drop some nice weapons. Let them come to you. It is when you approach the middle N to NE corner that Hallow Mage comes into play. Leave him out of it for now, and try to get the BB's to come to you. Earth Magic from the KF series would be SOOOO nice right now. Oh, well. Just use weapons like the Crushing

Great Sword and either Holy or Frost Magic and they go down FAST.

Hallow Mage has the standard area effect magic attach that radiates out from around him. While this is a strong deterrent to closing with him to attack him, it is also a weakness to exploit. I will explain.

Remember how I mentioned that there is a constant darkness field everywhere inhibiting Bottles of Light, etc? It also limits your line of sight. Well, Hallow mage also likes to teleport in quick short jumps. Sometimes to places out of sight. But then he 'radiates' a spell that you CAN see in the darkness that pinpoints him at the center of it!

I recommend the Warrior Bow and all the Critical Plusses you can wear. Forget high physical defense. Go for Magic defense if at all. Emphasize Criticals and high strength! This will help your arrows to do the maximum damage and sometimes double or quadruple damage. Just target the center of the spells and shoot. Sometimes he will 'port just before the arrow hits.

That is ok; you have the Bow and/or Bow Gun also.

Forget magic casting, since this guy is highly resistant to them. In a short time he goes down.

The way is now open for you to enter the Void! The final Bosses await!