HUMAN WORLD - Hidden Region



HW - Hidden Region


TO GET 100% Creatures = 18

You enter Facing West.

This is a corridor that takes a few turns but there is nothing in this corridor to attack you. Follow it and the corridor branches off to the N after 2 turns. This leads to the 'shop' listed as 'CUNE' on the maps where you can trade Cunes for items. The menu is always the same, except that there are a limited number of Soul Pods you can buy. Since you only have 1 Cune right now, don't buy anything right now.

From here, turn S and then W, following the next leg of the corridor to the Torture Chamber. You will enter this room from the East. The following instructions will take you to the Save point before you kill anything.

- - (Kevin Melloy reports the Blood Slime dropped a Leather armor once - unconfirmed)

I recommend passing through this place without killing anything. But if you must, take out the slimes, pick-up the Ashes (used to repair equipment while walking through the Tower), visit the NW jail door (locked) and observe the armor and corpse. On the E wall in the SE corner is some writing on the wall. Exit through the door in the S near the writing.

At the next junction of the corridor, going straight ahead (S) will take you back to the Solitary Region after passing a warp point to the EARTH WORLD Forgotten Region. For now, turn right (W) and follow the corridor into Chamber A.

Walk directly across the room to the corridor in the W wall and follow it to the save point. SAVE.

Now you can go out collecting. Enter Chamber A and take out the slimes, go back to the Torture Chamber and take those out too, Return to Chamber A. Save if you wish. In Chamber A, there are several secret 'doors'. There are 2 in the N wall, one towards the NW and one towards the NE. Go to the NE one and pass though the chamber with the mound/hole in the middle and into another short corridor. Pause at the entrance to the corpse/armor room you saw earlier. Then walk into the room, over the corpse to the opposite wall.

There is a Parasite in the body of the corpse that attacks as soon as you enter. Just stand to the side of it and take it out. It drops Ashes when dead. Pick up the Scale Mail and return to Chamber A. Now go to the SE wall and open that secret door. You will follow the short corridor into a room with 2 Acid Slimes and a Fanged Worm that comes out of the hole in the middle of the floor.

- - - (Kevin Melloy reports the Fanged Worm Dropping a Broad Sword once - Unconfirmed)

Move to the far side of the room and take out the Fanged Worm first, then finish off the slimes. Then drop down the hole. Follow the corridor around until you see a doorway on the left. This is a 'treasure' room/hoard containing 3 Hpotions and 1 Ashes. Take them and follow the path back to Chamber A. Now go to the NW and open the secret door there.

This corridor will lead to a Side Room (f) and the 'Casket' Room.

The Casket fades in and out and drains HP. Time your strike to coincide with when it becomes solid.

Simple instructions - clear the room and leave.

From here, return to Chamber A and take the E doorway. Keep heading E and S until you come to the path to the WARP point. Continue E from here to the door back to the Solitary Region if you haven't taken out the 2 Skeletons mentioned earlier. Otherwise, go to the WARP point and press 'X' to go to the Forgotten Region.