EARTH WORLD - Hostile Rock Cavern



EW - Hostile Rock Cavern


TO GET 100% Creatures = 12

You enter this area facing North.

Follow the corridor into the main chamber. There are only 2 chambers to this level so this is going to be a battleground of sorts. Moving into the main cavern here will bring you face to face with 2 more Earth Knights.

This entire Realm looks on the map like a squashed turtle with a very big square head as the Boss chamber. You enter at the tail.

At the end of each 'leg' is a treasure chest. 2 of them are supposed to have something in them but I only found the Leg Guards in the SE chest, nothing in the NW one. I think you are supposed to find a Ring, maybe of Poison, but I have yet to confirm this. If you find something in that chest, please let me know what it was.

The floor of this Main Cavern has rocks that look like teeth sticking up. Upon entry, you will have the 2 Knights to deal with and then the Black Unix's appear further in and shoot pinks beams at you. They fly but constantly get hung up on the teeth, so use that to your advantage. Their beams do not pass through the teeth either. But they are tough to damage. Use the Magic/Physical tactic on them and keep moving. Killing one usually causes another to appear at a bad angle to you, like behind you or to the side and back a bit. Mop them up, get your best armor on and a sword like the two-handed great swords (meaning no shield) and equip things that increase your movement rate. For rings, I found the Frost and the Poison spells worked best. Also, be ready to use the Anti-Paralysis item quickly.

Now head W and enter the Chamber of Apollos.




Apollos was a knight of the king that was betrayed and then modified to be the walking nightmare in front of you. You will also have to contend with at least one other Earth Knight, but you should be able to take it/them down quickly. USE YOUR RINGS to full advantage here to eliminate them so you can concentrate on Apollos. Besides, it really is a short trip back to the smithy from here, believe me.

- - - (Gun46 at the Verdite Inn submitted that the Silent Sword was dropped by Apollos instead of the Great Sword)

- - - (Kevin Melloy also reports getting the Silent Sword, but also stated he got the Deadly Great Sword on his last game! - unconfirmed)

Depending on how many Knights you encounter determines your strategy. Apollos has a sword in one hand, his other hand is a long tentacle that hits HARD, and he can paralyze you. Add the two knights and you can have a real Knightmare on your hands. (Pun intended) I recommend taking out the knights first, keeping in constant motion and as far away from Apollos as possible.

Not easy because big A is a fast mover. Use the Hit/Spell/Hit/Spell/Hit type of maneuver. Now move to the side of big A and use the same type of maneuver. He may try to paralyze you. As SOON as the screen flashes you are paralyzed, immediately hit the select button to go to menu selection. If you time it right, it will allow you use the Anti-Paralysis item and keep pounding away on him. Keep moving and he should go down pretty fast. You gain his thanks, a new sword, some new items and a WARP Stone back to the False Pit Cavern overlooking the Save Stone.

When done, go ahead and save. From the Save stone, head due S to the WARP stone that leads to the Forgotten Region of the HUMAN WORLD level. From there, drop down, turn right, drop down again and head outside into the Tower and enter the door leading to the EARTH WORLD Rotting Cave where the smithy is. Fix yourself up and head back down to where the False Pit Cavern is. Save your game. Exit into the Tower through the SE corridor right next to the

WARP stone you just took a few moments ago and head to the only other door you can enter that looks reddish in color. This is door #1 to the FIRE WORLD.