DEATH WORLD - Lingering Curse Layer



DW - Lingering Curse Layer


You enter this layer facing E.

The corridor goes down and then up. At the bottom here, there is a barred window that looks into another corridor with writing on the wall. Head up the stairs and onto a walkway over a darkened room. The Bows are THE weapons of choice here.

Meet Nyet, Lord of Memory Realm in Death World. You will never fight him, so just listen to him and get ready to shoot the bow. When he finishes, move forward to encounter Amon, Librarian of Nyet. He shoots Light balls at you, so equip Holy defense. There are actually 3 of them, 1 in front of you and 2 across the space to the N on a walkway you cannot access. The bow is the most efficient way to take them down.

When done, you now need to drop down through the gap in the railing to the room below. If you venture into the corridor on the other side of this walkway, you will encounter a door that needs the Key of Knowledge to open. And the Key is presently down below.

You will drop down towards the N side of the room, but head immediately for the SW corner of the room where a corridor with stair going up can be found. Stop at the top of these stairs. Recognize the window and writing on the wall? Ok, proceed forward into the room with the blocks on the floor.

Move immediately to the E side of the room with the box sitting on a short pedestal. Open the Box and voila! The Key of Knowledge is yours. Another advantage of entering the room from this direction is that a certain creature called Panak doesn't get to seal your magic! If you come in through the WARP or pass through here again, though, you probably will get your magic sealed.

Now for the obstacles.

The best magic for these creatures is Corrosive Elements.

Now go through the WARP stone in the W to the Dark Castle Layer and the secret room. STOP HERE a moment. There is a Cune behind the Warp stone you just entered here from and a Soul Pod +14 in the SW corner.

The other WARP Stone lead to the Gate of the Dead near the Boss. Keep this in mind for now and leave the room by going through (and thereby unlocking) the secret door into the Hell Hunters Room. Go into the Arena, head to the exit into the Tower Core again. Take the stairs again, drop down onto the fenced platform and reenter the Lingering Curse layer, heading to the locked door that uses the Key Of Knowledge. Welcome to the beginning of the real fighting in this level.

Drop down into the main room and kill the Bugler first. The Crushing Great Sword is a GREAT weapon in this room.

Now, one by one, take out the Old Faces. They can paralyze and slow you. But that should not be too big a problem.

Head into the Corridor in the N wall and ready the Bow for more targeting and the Fireballs to fly. There are 2 items to claim here, a Spirit Book and the Dark Sorcerers Ring.

Each of these books fires a spell at you. You best bet is to line up for a long shot and either fireball them to death or drop down into the room and Bow and Arrow them to death. This is due to good attack angle. Work out your own strategy against these opponents. Take the corridor in the S wall and into the main chamber where you had met Nyet and the 3 Amon's.

There is an Evil Eye on the floor in the NW area and then exit through the SW corridor and into the Key of Knowledge room. Take the WARP stone to the Dark Castle and into the Arena room. Go to the secret door in the SW area where you initially WARPed into the Castle from fighting Necron. Go back to the smithy, fix yourself up, and then return here. Now return to the secret door on the W wall in the Hell Hunter room of the Dark castle and enter the room with 2 WARP points. Use the one in the S part of the room to Warp to the Gate of the Dead. Prepare for the next to last level.