EARTH WORLD - Poisonous Cavern



EW - Poisonous Cavern


TO GET 100% Creatures = 33

This became one of my favorite Realms just because it gave up many very useful items.

Follow the corridor to the first room and in the S is a save point. See? I told you that you didn't need to save. Then enter the Beak Plant Chamber.

The barking noise is the Beak Plants sounding off. When you hear this, you will be Slowed. They are located in the SW corner and one along the middle of the S wall. When you are done, go to the door on the W wall in the NW corner. Open it and you will start a mini-action sequence. A voice tells you not to go that way because of the poison (the green stuff on the floor of the corridor behind the door) and to come this way. You are turned around and get your first look at Duhrin the Dwarf. He walks into the N corridor telling you to come this way. Go to the locked door at the end of the corridor, try to open it and you are called a fool. Quickly move away from the door or the Watcher Plant on the other side will burn you.

Now go to the W wall door again.

**Strategy Tip. -- Take off your boots and walk barefoot. The acid on the floor can cause damage to some of your footwear. But if you take the Acid Vaccine before proceeding, then you will be totally protected from the effects. Also, equip the Crushing Mace. It will be the most effective weapon against the coming creatures. I also recommend not picking up any items until later. Just trust me on this one. Remember to use an Acid Vaccine prior to entry here.

Open the door and follow the corridor around the bend and another. As you come out into a cavern, stop and look up. A strange figure will appear.

There are actually 3 of them here.

These creatures drip poison and are the reason there is poison on the floor. Of course, the other three in the next area help also. You should be able to take these guys out with one swing each. Once done, exit through the W wall and turn N.

Move immediately to the Watcher Plant and take it out. Then keep moving N but cross to the W wall. Pass under the Overpass and you will see a ladder. Go up it by moving forward towards it. You will automatically climb it. If you do all this fast enough, the Poison Vaccine should run out right about now. Put on your boots and get ready for combat. Head S from here past the wooden Overpass and to the SW corner. Pick up the Shield of Resistance. Now move to the entry into the W room.

The 'bark' of the Wingsect drains MP. Stay to the side of them and take them out. Now go to the N wall and find the secret door.

Now go out of these 2 rooms and onto the wooden Overpass. Look to the N and you will see 1 of 3 Hanging Dead. Use the Bow to take it out. Do the same on the 2 to the S of the Overpass. The one closest to the Overpass can drop the Poison Ring. If you no wait for about 60-90 seconds, you will see the poison on the floor below disappear and allow you to go collect those things I told you not to pick up. You can also go back and save if you wish.

Continuing on from the Overpass, head to the E and you will come to another Overpass situation, this one guarded by a Trickster above and Dwarven Warriors below.

Take out the Trickster and drop down to take out the Dwarves. Then equip your worst sword (like a short sword) and head N to observe the Knight holding up the rock. He asks for your help. After he asks, turn W and face the Stone Head on the wall. Walk up and press X. The head proceeds to eat your sword. The rock then disappears and the knight thanks you before dying off. Step into the next area and look in the SW corner for a Soul Pod +5. Go no further for now. Head back to the Overpass area and head down the wide stone corridor into Duhrin's Chamber.

Duhrin now pleads for you to be nice to him. Problem is, you NEED that Key he is carrying. And you did promise Auriel.... So, finish him off. You will have to chase him a little but he does not fight back. There is a secret door in the N wall containing a room with another Watcher Plant that drops a Poison Vaccine. The corridor leading off Duhrin's Chamber to the SE contains a CUNE SHOP. The corridor leading off the NE curves around into a chamber with a glass coffin in it.

Use the key in the keyhole above Auriel's Sarcophagus and she will reward you. Go back to Duhrin's Chamber and exit through the previously locked S door, now permanently unlocked and go save.

Return to the Save point, save and prepare to enter the Quaking Cavern.