EARTH WORLD - Rotting Cavern






10 Fanged Worm

11 Parasite

12 Casket

13 Acid Slime

14 Blood Skull

15 Watcher Plant

16 Elder

17 Minor Dwarf

18 Dwarfling

19 Imp

20 Auriel (Doll)

21 Star Serpent

22 Barrel Snail

23 Tondrom

24 Myconid

25 Beak Plant

26 Duhrin

27 Hanging Dead

28 Wingsect

29 Trickster

30 Dwarf Warrior

31 Auriel (Demoness)

32 Blue Flicker

33 Sand Leech (Sm.)

34 Sand Leech (Lg.)

35 Acid Pod

36 Kiljoy

37 Cocoon Plant

38 Torg

39 Dybbuk

40 Sloth Bug

41 Clay Servant

42 Hobble Worm

43 Crying Root

44 Earth Knight

45 Cannon Snail

46 Ray Plant

47 Black Onyx

48 Dread Knight (BOSS)

In these Realms, I will keep things pretty concise except in specific need.


EW - Rotting Cave


TO GET 100% Creatures = 33

You enter facing N.

Follow the corridor around into the Watcher Plant Room.

These plants shoot lasers at you. As you fight them try to make your way from the SE corner up to the NE corner and towards the NW corner where the Broad Sword can be found. Equip this immediately and chop down the Elder who is standing in the middle of the regular exit in the W wall.

Go find the corridor in the south wall and enter it. This takes you to the first ITEM (Smithy) stone.

******** SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS: ITEM Stones ********

These instructions are intended to maximize the use of all your HP's and minimize using Hpotions unnecessarily. Translation: It helps you efficiently repair your equipment.

The amount of hit points you have is totally dependent on your strength. Some of the equipment you have (including some rings, bracelets and amulets) increases your strength. Prior to using the Smithy, ALWAYS equip yourself with the items that MAX out your strength and thereby your HP too. But DO NOT use an Hpotion yet!!!!! After you have maxed out your HP's, then make the first visit to the Smithy and have him repair as many items as you can with your remaining HP's. Some items may remain un-repaired when you run out. That's OK. Leave the Smithy by hitting O and then use an Hpotion to max out your HP's. Then turn around and visit the Smithy again to repair the rest of your items. Do this until all the items you want repaired are up to full durability rating. Leave the Smithy. Do this at all Smithy locations.


Now re-equip yourself to proceed on.

There is a secret door to the S of the corridor in the W wall, but do not take it right now. Follow this corridor around into a Long Chamber with barrels in it. Go to the complete on and find an Hpotion. There is nothing else to find so proceed to the W wall to the door there. There is a door in the NW wall but go through the W one first. This corridor winds around and into another room with Elders and Dwarves in it.

Move to the N wall and take out the Elder. As soon as you do, you will hear small footsteps. One of the dwarfs will have appeared. If any of these hit you, you WILL be poisoned, so avoid being hit. When you finish them off, go to the N wall and follow the corridor there around to the Dwarfling. TALK to him and he will give you the Iron Key to open a door. Return to the Elder/Dwarf Room and proceed to the S wall by way of the SW corner so as not to get paralyzed and take out the other Elder. Enter the corridor in the S wall and find the Save point and the Mpotion trader.

Return to the Long Chamber and go through the N door, following the corridor to another door. This door opens into a large chamber I call the Imp Chamber.

The Imps cast sonic attacks so move up to their side and hit them. Obviously, you will want to try and get the rings. They may all drop rings for all I know, I just recall getting only the 2 mentioned. Once you get them, return to the Smithy and repair them and the rest of your equipment. Once done repairing, equip the rings AND equip their magic. Then move into the Watcher Plant Room, move to the secret door in the W wall and enter it. Follow the corridor into the Myconid Room.

If you stand close to the Myconid too long, you will become poisoned. (Remember the Shrooms in the KF series?) Otherwise, they attack with a spore attack that spreads out around them. Use a combination of a physical attack to stun them, then a magic attack to stun them, then a physical, then a magic, etc. By timing this right, you will be able to stand almost toe-to-toe with most opponents and never get hit. Watch for the telltale red 'X' that indicates your equipment is getting low in durability, a common occurrence when using rings/magic. You can now go down the W corridor to the secret door into the Elder/Dwarf room to save.

Go back to the Imp Chamber and to the short corridor leading to a locked door. Use the Iron Key obtained earlier to open it. You will hear the Imp you must take out. This room is VERY important.

The Doll Auriel is actually a Demoness in dis-dress (pun intended). After taking out the Imp, talk to her and you will learn of a B-tard named Duhrin who imprisoned her in this form. After a few words, she will squat down and become unresponsive. Now go search the S wall for the secret door that leads into the Star Serpent Chamber.

Take them out and go back to the Smithy to repair your equipment. Return to the Imp Chamber. Go to the NE portion of the N wall and proceed N down the corridor. You will start to hear a 'grunting' sound. The corridor comes to a T running WE. This corridor has several Tondroms that attack you.

The way to take out the Tondroms is to hug the corridor wall they are closest to and let them get hung up and immobile so you can approach them and smash them. If you give them a straight shot at you it will HURT. Many times.

Death will come very quickly. Get the drift? (pun intended) Proceed to the W and into the Barrel Snail Room.

Go back into the corridor, take out any more Tondroms you encounter, follow it until it turns at a right angle to the S. The next room you enter I call The Elders Haven.

The elder that will appear close to the torch on the E wall will drop the Crown of Resistance. This is a potent item that improves you magic abilities greatly. A great find early in the game. You may have to come back through to get this item. When done, go N and follow the corridor to the drop back into the Watcher Plant room. Go to the Smithy and repair your equipment. You do not need to save but can if you want. Then exit out the way you came in to this Realm and walk around the inside of the Inner Tower to the next door leading to the EARTH WORLD Poisonous Cavern.