HUMAN WORLD - Solitary Region





You will start in the middle of the tower on stone steps going down in front of you and up behind you. Do not bother trying to go up, the path will become blocked if you do. Stop immediately. Please note that you start with 751 Hit Points and 550 Magic Points. Not bad for a beginning character right? Don't let it go to your head because you can loose HP just as fast as if you were first level in KFI & II. Hit the 'select' key to activate the menu system. Change any setting you want and notice that the only thing you presently possess is a short sword. NOTHING else. When you finish looking through the menu, then return to the tower and descend the steps and walk until you come to the wood door. Press 'X' to enter and you begin your journey through the tower.




In these Realms, I will start out rather descriptive until you obtain a reasonable amount of equipment to ensure your survival. By the time you go to the EARTH WORLDs, you will only need basic instructions and the descriptions of what you can find. HOW you kill off creatures will be dependent on which weapons you have found and that YOU like to use. Since dropping items by creatures is a variable, I am allowing for that factor by just giving the way I would travel through the game.


HW - Solitary Realm




1 Acid Slime

2 Blood Slime

3 Dark Spider

4 Demon Bat

5 Skeleton

6 Tongue Imp

7 Shadow Spider

8 Fat Mole

9 Guardian

TO GET 100% Creatures = 20

Upon entry, you will be facing NORTH. Take some time to test out your swing with the short sword and test your movement ability, especially the L1-R1 buttons in conjunction with the d-pad keys.

When done, then proceed down the hallway towards the first chamber with pillars in it, the Altar Room.

The Altar Room contains:

As you enter the Pillared Hall with an Altar in it, the pillar immediately on your right has a Healing Potion (Hpotion) behind it. Leave it for now and concentrate instead on the Green Slimes on the floor. There may also be a Blood Slime. This is variable. Tilt your view downward a bit with the L2-D2 keys and watch the slimes. They like to toss clouds of acid (green) and poison (red). Time your attack to match your swing and then back off. If you stay too close to these creatures you will get poisoned and die before you can obtain anything to cure you. If you encounter 3 slimes, the one that is farthest west from you (in the SW corner area) drops the Cap sometimes. Finish off the slimes, pick up anything they dropped, claim the Hpotion behind the pillar and then walk behind the altar. Pick up the Quilted Armor and stop to equip yourself. The book on the altar does nothing so proceed to the NW and go through the short corridor on the N wall.

The Dark Spider you see will take at least 2 hits. Use the forward-hit-backup method of attacking to take it out. It will drop the Morning Star. This weapon is effective against the Dark Spiders if you want to equip it. Move to the East and take out the other Spiders here. One will drop a Buckler Shield. When finished, go back to the West end of this area and get the Hpotion. The sound you keep hearing appears to be the 'shuffling' of the corpses laid out here. Maybe the Dark Spiders laid some eggs in them?? Anyway, move to the East and then turn South through some more corpses. At the far south wall there is some writing on the wall to read if you want.

Turn East and walk just a few steps.

- - - (Kevin Melloy reports getting the Deadly Short Sword from the left Demon Bat. I recall having such a weapon once, but did not remember where I got it.)

Continue into the next area, a Graveyard. To the far N there are 2 Demon Bats on the roof that aren't that hard to take out. Move over and 'behind' them, avoiding their sonic attacks, then look up and attack. Finish them off first before collecting the other things lying around on the ground. Some Dark Spiders might appear now or upon your return to this area later.

Now look at the graves. All but two of them have little wood fences around them. The other two need to be searched. Go to the one nearest the W wall where you entered and search it ONCE. You will obtain your first Cune. Search it again and the grave will open and out pops a Skeleton that can drop Leather Armor. The other grave will just open and provide a hole to drop down into to reach the HUMAN REALM - Cursed Region. There is a Cune down there, but you can obtain it once you enter the cursed region later. Do not jump down this hole right now. Instead, head towards the NW corner of this area and walk up to the blank wall that is a secret door. Open it and go to the next door. This will take you to the HUMAN REALM - Hidden Region. You can go back and try for the two Skeletons behind the other secret door now if you wish. If you want to wait, return to them through the regular door leading from the Hidden Region to the Solitary Region that opens directly into their area when you finish off the Hidden Region level. Time your attacks carefully to take as little damage as possible. After taking them out you can enter this area and obtain another Soul Pod +5. The door at the far N leads to another entrance into the HUMAN REALM - Hidden Region. I recommend going through the Graveyard secret door first and this walkthrough will begin from there.