EARTH WORLD - Stone Cavern



EW - Stone Cavern


TO GET 100% Creatures = 24

You enter this area facing South.

Warning. This Region has 3 levels. Once you drop down into the main cavern (level 2), you will need to finish it before dropping down to the third level. Getting back here is a pain and a long walk. The following directions will take you the short way to the Save point on this level prior to killing anything (hopefully).

Level One.

This N-S corridor has a HP trader down the first E shaft. Head S then W and drop down the hole in the floor.

Level Two (Main Level)

Well, that was fast, wasn't it?

In this room, there is a Cune in the SE Corner. Follow the rails N to a W corridor. At the N-S 'T' intersection, you will encounter a Sloth Bug to the N. Leave it be and head S. You will head some low voice chanting soon and find a W corridor intersecting it where you will find a Clay Servant chanting and another Sloth Bug. Try to get past the Sloth Bug if you can but do not get close to the Clay Servant if at all possible. This will 'activate' him and between the two you will likely die.

Continue W past the S dead end corridor and you will meet (for the first time) the Dybbuk, busy digging a hole. He tells you that you are wasting your time then drops down the hole. Avoid the hole but walk past it and turn N. Walk up to the second corridor on the left and Save your game.

Now to venture out into the Cavern.

Head S down the corridor to the W corridor that you passed a moment ago. This is at a 4-way intersection. Enter the first of 2 rooms. There is nothing in the first so go to the S and enter the Hobble Worm Room.

Hobble worms are pretty easy so once you take out those who appear here, go to the E wall just S of the protruding rock at foot level and open the secret door.

After finishing them off, return back to the 4-way intersection and walk back the original way you came in. Go back to the area with the Sloth Bug and Clay Servant.

Now take them out one at a time. Watch the Sloth Bug for spraying poison at you. The Clay Servant will stand at your approach, orient towards you and then slide and slam into you. I recommend the Magic/Physical attack combo again and to keep moving. They did not drop anything for me.

Head N and take out the other Sloth Bug. This one did drop the Divine Symbol (for curing Curse). Head all the way N and the Dybbuk will appear again and cause a cave in blocking your path. Head S to the only side corridor in the W wall of this N-S corridor. This Leads to the Clay Servant Room.

Approach the CS's one at a time and finish it off prior to challenging another one. Take on the SB's when you can without getting too close to a CS. When done, head to the N exit, then W, S, and W and voila', you are back at the 4 way intersection. Go and save and come back here. Then head back E, then N all the way to the end to the rails, the E to a new room.

Yep. These are the bigger cousins of those same 2 on the Solitary Region of the HUMAN WORLD. Once you have finished here, enter the E tunnel to the Blue Crystals in the floor. Search them and find the (surprise!) Blue Crystal. The place to use this stone will be found in another region. It is meant to make the lighting (burning torches) in the rest of the tower increase in intensity.

From here, go back and save and then proceed to the hole the Dybbuk dug for you and drop down to Level Three.

Level Three

The big chamber to the E is the way out, but you need to go W and then N for now. Head to the chamber in the far N of the corridor and encounter the Crying Roots.

You have to swing at these creatures to 'activate' them, and then you can chop the roots up. Now head down into the E passage leading to the Dybbuk Room.

The Dybbuk is VERY apologetic for being so rude and will cry MURDER when you try to take the ring from him. He moves around like Duhrin did so just follow him and obtain your prize, the Caustic Ring. Now head back to the drop down point, enter the large chamber to the E and the S to the exit from this Region and into the False Pit Cavern.