DEATH WORLD - Undead Layer



DW - Undead Layer


You enter this level facing W.

You are in 4-way intersection of 2 corridors. This is the Throne level of King Edward, as heartless a King as ever you shall meet. (Hint!)

To do ANYTHING on this level of ANY note, you need to appropriate the Kings Key. Head straight ahead (W) into the corridor leading to the Throne Room with a slight detour into the small chamber to the S. There is an old friend in here that wants to say something smart-alecky to you. Bloodthirsty little rodent!

Enter the Throne Room.

The fastest way to deal with the skeletons is the Holy Spell Judgement and the Crushing Broad Sword, backed up by items that increase Smashing ability. Spell and Swing and they are gone. Now it is just you, the King (on the throne, wearing the crown) and the key. Grab the key and leave because the King has 6500 HP points. You can damage him all you want but you cannot KILL him, yet.

Head to the 4 way junction you entered at and take the N direction. Go to the first door in the N wall, unlock it and move towards the next door. You will encounter a Clawhead that will block your progress. After you finish it, enter the next room which contains an Hpotion trader and a Save point.

Back to the Main corridor and head W to the next-door but not before encountering 2 Hell Hunters in the Corridor. One of them Drops a torch (whoopee!) that is useless in these levels. Go figure. Open the next door, and there is another Clawhead that can Drop the Keenest Battle Axe. Enter the next room. This room is currently empty but will have opponents after you get to the heart of this level (2nd Hint!). Now go to the N wall, open the secret door and pick up the 2 Cunes and the Soul Pod +29. Back to the Main Corridor.

Head W again and into the arrows of 2 more Hell Hunters that Drop a Torch and a Divine Symbol. Before opening the next door here, equip yourself for fire damage and use a Fire World Stone. A strong Slashing or Piercing attack will work best in the next rooms. The Bows are definite options, but slow. Criticals help to speed them up!

The pulsating heart on the wall, once stilled, will permanently still King Edward. The Demon Eyes on the ceiling shoot lasers at you. Take them out and break the King's Heart. Go around the corner to finish off 2 more Demon Eyes. But wait! You keep getting hit by lasers from behind the wall? Yep. The 3 other Demon Eyes have appeared in the room mentioned earlier and you need to go back into the corridor and enter the second door again to finish them off. They only Drop a Mpotion.

Head into the Throne room because 1 of 2 possible prizes awaits you. And one of them is NOT King Edward. He vanished when his heart gave up the ghost.

On the N & S wall each you will find special placards with sword on them. If you use the Sealed Sword Stone on one of them, you will obtain the (N) Fiery Great Sword or the (S) Magical Bastard Sword. (Personal Preference = S)

Now head to the throne itself and 'open' it. This is the way out of this level.

Go through the door into a chamber with another door in the W wall. But first find the secret door in the S wall, and go pay a visit with Auriel. She will give you a Soul Pod +53! Now return to the prior chamber and consider your next move carefully.




OK, there is some explaining to do here. In order to enter the Lingering Curse Layer prior to entering the Boss Level, you NEED the Key of Knowledge to successfully complete it. The Key is IN the Lingering Curse Layer and there are 2 directions you can go to get it. One is the path I will take you through, which is through the Tower Core. The other is through the Gate of the Dead layer which is where Hallow Mage, the Death World Boss resides. And you stand at the door to the Gate of the Dead.

You can go through right now, but that would force me to break up the next 2 levels into chunks, which is not how I want to write this Walkthrough. So I am going to remain semi-consistent and help you the reader to clear each level before going on to the next one, leaving the Boss level for last.

So, I need you to go all the way back to the Dark Castle Layer and into the Arena room. In the SE corner of this room is a doorway that leads to a chamber with an exit in the S wall that leads into the Tower Core.

As you walk out, there are stairs going up, the path goes around to the left and down to the platform with the WARP headstone leading into the Void and the Final Bosses. If you look to the right from here, you can see a platform that seems inaccessible from here with a low fence around it. It is there you are going. Head up the stairs and around to the right until you are on the walkway just above this fenced in platform. Now step off the edge and down onto the platform AGAINST the WALL with the corridor leading off of it.

Go to the door and open it.