THE VOID - Final Bosses





148 Balron (Armored)

149 Balron (Non-Armored)

150 Demon King

There are only 2 of them and the game is done.

Go back into the Tower Core and walk all the way down to the bottom platform that has a WARP stone on it. Enter WARP, and you now stand in the VOID, before an insect-like face with (hopefully) 6 Golden/Brass colored spheres that look like eyes. If there are fewer than 6 of them, then you have missed killing a Boss somewhere. To determine which one(s), look at the Spheres that are there. Each one has a symbol on it that corresponds to the symbol that appeared on the doors to each WORLD. Identify those you can see on the spheres and the one(s) you do not have is the WORLD Boss you need to dispatch. To go back up and deal with them, walk up to the face and like a door, open it. A mouth appears. Walk into it and it will WARP you back to the same WARP stone at the bottom of the Tower.

Once all 6 are in place Walk to the face, open its mouth and walk in.

+ + + + + + + + + + + + +


+ + + + + + + + + + + + +

Walk DIRECTLY ahead from where you appear, which is a corridor that looks like a city street almost. BALRON will appear in your path. He has a BIG sword and stand very tall above you. Magic is weak against him, but you can get in 100-200 point spell hits on him. Dress for high physical and magic defense if you are going toe to toe. He DOES NOT stun easily at all, even with high weapon attacks. He does hurl black lightning attacks.

I recommend keeping at range but running in and out to keep him from coming after you too fast. SAVE THE WARRIOR BOW for the final Boss. Keep out of sword range but not too far away. Dress for Dark Magic defense and the primary magic use (Holy, Ice, Fire) in magic attack. Use up your rings as you need to, you will NOT need them against the final boss at all. Keep backing up a bit as needed, moving from right to left, dodging the black lightning. This will take a while, but the payoff is that BALRON will be impressed with you and convert to his Non-Armored form.

+ + + + + + + + + + + + +


+ + + + + + + + + + + + +

This guy is the creature that killed the king in the pre-game demo. He is now fast and still has that BIG sword. Same Tactics, only this time you need to move faster, which is not easy. Use the Bow and Bow gun NOW. It is faster and yields better damage in less time than Magic will.

If you decide to do the Sword-Dance with BALRON, keep one eye on him and the other on your Health meter. You will need to be ready to use an Hpotion as soon as your health drops into the lower 2000 points or lower. His sword can carve 2000 HP's off of you in one shot!

What is VERY important to remember is the direction you were facing when you first came in. Because that is the direction you need to go to get to the final Boss. Of course it is 50-50 you will get it right if you get confused, but it will save you a lot of time if you remember correctly which way is to the Boss.

When BALRON falls, head up the corridor to the Boss. If you walk for more that 5 minutes, turn around and walk for 5 minutes or a bit more. He is here, and you must find him.

+ + + + + + + + + + + + +


+ + + + + + + + + + + + +

Sorry to disappoint you, but this Boss is EASY! Like in NO CHALLENGE. The Face with 3-armed tentacles is despicably easy to finish off. Like a real King. He has the power of authority and surrounds himself with strong warriors, but he is a weak softie. This is a big letdown for the game.

BALRON was harder than this guy.

Simple Tactics. Critical Plusses, Strength, and the Warrior Bow. No sooner do you get 1-2 arrows into him and he starts screaming for help. You're your distance and keep firing as soon as the strength meter reaches maximum and he will NEVER touch you, never try to hit you. It is that easy. He goes down and the game ends.

You are given the option to save. Take it, Save, and when you restart the game, you will appear at the top of the Tower. You can now walkthrough the entire Tower and clean up all those loose ends you left alive.