WATER WORLD - White Rain



WW - White Rain Area


You enter facing W and will immediately take damage before the room comes into view because of the jets of mist that are now blowing in your face. As soon as you can see the room, step just a little bit forward and stop.

Some of the 'faucets' from which the 'White Rain' is jetting out works, others do not. There is a WARP point in the middle of the S wall that leads to IW-Gloomy Domain. It is the way out of this level. You will also see flying blue Worms that shoot ice balls at you. Keep that Shield handy. You will use it a lot. Whenever you pass in front of a jet of mist, use the shield to reduce the damage. The Worms quite often appear behind you right after you come in. The safest place to stand and fight is towards the SW area where 1 jet is not working. The Worms will eventually come to you.

Otherwise just stand in between the jets of mist and wail on the Worms as the come.

You can now enter the next wide Hall where nothing happens. Head N and into the only other door in this Hall and into a room with 2 jets that are not working pointing at a pedestal that seems to be missing something. I never did find anything that goes here. But it sure makes you think SOMETHING goes there.

Anyway, equip your self to be attacked by Frost magic and wield your best sword. Equip Fire magic or Holy Magic. They seem to work best. You are standing in the antechamber to the Throne Room of his mightiness, Boss Magi Magus.




As soon as you enter a scratchy voice tells you that you are a fool. Surprise, right? And then the Dragon Turtle on the right starts attacking with breath attack and bite attacks. Meanwhile, the wizard on the throne starts doing mini-teleports around the room, always to a point far from you, and firing snowballs and Frost magic that ripples out from his position in a 360 radius around him. The closer you are to him during the latter frost attacks, the more intense the damage. A strong encouragement to take him out with ranged attacks, which you will, but later. For now, ignore him and concentrate on the DT's.

Move in and swing at it, then back off and throw Fire Magic at it, close, hit, back off, Magic, etc.... Keep repositioning yourself to minimize MMs snowballs from hitting their target (you), even to the point of running around the creatures. As soon as one dies, another appears, up to 3 of them.

To take out Magi Magus, move to the throne itself, trying to stay to the far side of the room that MM is on. Once there pull out your bow and equip yourself with all items that have Critical plusses on them, except weapons. Interpose the throne between you and MM. His snowballs cannot pass through the throne, so it becomes you defensive shield. Now this takes some slight planning. Using ONLY the L1 and/or R1 keys (strafe keys), slide out from behind the throne and stop. Then use the l-r arrow keys to target MM dead on from this position. Fire an arrow to make sure it hits him. From now on, ONLY use the L1/R1 strafe keys. Slide back behind the throne. Let him hurl his magic at you and let the throne block them. Slide out, fire an arrow, slide back behind the throne, slide out, fire, slide back, etc. It will probably take the whole quiver of arrows, but you will almost never get hit while taking him down. This is one way; you are free to try your own way.

When done here, either return to the Prior Water World and repair all equipment or go ahead and WARP to the first ILLUSION WORLD, the Gloomy Domain.