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Dense Fog Area

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1) In this area you will have to rely on your long-range weapons and magic, especially spells that travel through the air. The creatures that roam this area are tricky and they like to attack you from afar. They float overhead and they also disappear when they sense your presence. You know something is there when they attack or by hearing the low humming sound that they make. So keep your eyes wide open and your ears to the ground.
2) You have to watch where you step. Even if you think the fog is not that bad, sometimes you will get lost or fall in one of the many holes in this area. There are also plenty of narrow ledges you have to walk across; so be careful.
3) You will notice a strange object on the wall next to each entryway. It looks like three eyes, and it will move if you touch it. You might even think nothing is happening or wonder what is it good for. Well, it's a switch that turns on two lamps just above the entryway. If you happen to be in a room that is covered in fog and you can't see where you should go, just click on the switch and look for a pair of lamps to turn on somewhere across the room. That will be your exit.
4) Travel light! You will find plenty of equipment to fill up your traveling bags with.
5) Random drops include HPs, Cunes and Soul Pods, as well as the equipment marked with a * .

Once you exit the elevator, you will want to take the path that leads to your right. Ignore the second elevator and the path that leads to the left for now; we'll come back to those later. Follow the path up to a door. Open the door, step into the tunnel and follow that tunnel until you reach a door with a purple symbol on it.

Open the door and keep following that tunnel until you reach a large room that has a very large door. We'll call this the Puzzle Door. Look at the intricate carvings on it and notice the few shapes that are brighter than the rest. Those shapes are actually keyholes and we have to find the keys that belong to each one of the keyholes in order to unlock this door. Luckily, the first key is very close by. Look to your left and pick up the Gloves lying on the floor. Search the dead body and collect Puzzle Key number 1.

Go ahead and use the key on the first section of the Puzzle Door and watch that section of door turn on. Three more to go! Once you're done, turn right and follow the tunnel until you reach a clearing, but be careful because you are about to have your first fight on this level. You will barely have time to see a shadow move around and disappear. Listen for the low hum and watch for a series of energy rings to form. As soon as you see the rings begin to form, step aside and counterattack in the direction the rings originated from.

The Caustic Ring of Fire works well here because of its homing capacity; so make sure you keep it in good condition. Now that you know what you are up against, let's move on. Once you dispose of the creature, step onto and follow the snake-like structure on the floor. It will take you through an entryway and to another tunnel. Look down to your right and pick up a Tear Drop Amulet from the floor. Now continue towards the left and look on the windowsill for a Cune. Pick it up and keep going until you find the Shop.

Put away lots of equipment. I recommend keeping only the following (see pictures). Amulets and Items don't really matter.

Once you are ready, take the entryway next to the Shop and get ready because there are three or four creatures is the next room. You are going to have to fight them while you are walking on the narrow bridges; so be careful. Make your way to the far right side of the room. Search the body for Puzzle Key number 2.

Turn around and go back to the middle of the room and take the ledge to your right until you reach the wall. Stay close to the wall and inch your way across the narrow ledge until you find an Amulet lying on the floor. At this point some of the creatures may have respawned; so be careful. Return to the middle of the room again and you should be in front of the entryway you used when you entered this room.

If you turn left you will be able to see the lamps for another entryway just a few yards away. That's where your exit is. If they are not lit, just walk up to the switch and turn them on. Take that exit, follow the short tunnel and turn right. Destroy the creature trying to ambush you. Don't worry about the section of tunnel behind you. There is nothing there and it leads to a dead end. Follow the tunnel you are in and continue to the next open area. There are two creatures in this room and as soon as you destroy them, two more will appear; so don't be caught by surprise. There is nothing in this room unless the creatures drop something; so don't worry about searching. Just stay close to the right wall and find the exit.

You have found your only Save Point in this area. Remember it because you might have to come back before too long. Turn left from the Save Point and pick up a Light Vessel from the floor. Continue down this hall until you see an entryway on your left. There are a couple of creatures waiting for you here. After you destroy them, walk towards the back of this room and you will find four Cunes lying on the floor next to a skeleton.

When you've collected everything, head back to the Save Point. Save your game and continue down the hallway and to your left. You will be in a very large room with some sort of giant plant covering most of the room. Walk up its giant vine (the snake-like structures) and follow the vine until you see a couple of creatures in the distance. They will see you too and begin to attack. Cast a couple of spells in their direction until they fall. Go back down a little and look down and to your left. You will see a Cune lying on the floor. Jump down and pick it up.

Continue towards the back of the room and pick up Puzzle Key number 3 from the edge of the cliff, next to a skull. Go around the room until you reach the entrance again. Go up the giant vine again until you see the creatures which by now have respawned. Repeat the earlier process. If the creatures drop anything, you will have to go back down and around the room. I recommend doing this a few times until the creatures stop respawning. When the creatures stop respawning, continue up to the entryway on the left.

Follow the new tunnel to another clearing and prepare to do battle. Two creatures will try to give you trouble. As soon as you kill them, two more will appear. Show them who's boss! If the lights are off by the time you reach this room, just turn the switch on and you will see the lamps that point to another entryway straight ahead. If you look to your left, you will see a platform moving back and forth across a large hole in the ground. This will be Platform Room number 1. You'll come back in a bit. For now, turn right and walk across the narrow ledges until you reach the wall.

Turn left and pick up a Light Vessel from the floor. Go back and take the entryway on your right. It leads to a narrow tunnel. Follow the narrow tunnel and turn left at the intersection. Destroy the creature hiding there and pick up a Cune from the floor. Turn around and follow the tunnel to the opposite end until you see the Repair Shop. Take the Katana from the grasp of the skeletal hand on the floor and repair your equipment if you need to. Now go back to Platform Room number 1.

Before attempting what you are about to do, I suggest going back and saving your game again. You have to get on the moving platform to get to the other side. How hard can that be? Well, not at all! But there is a Cune lying on a VERY narrow ledge to the left of the moving platform, and if youíre like me and want to get every single item in the game, sometimes you have to risk your life. Step onto the moving platform, but be sure you donít miss and fall through. Turn to your left and get really close to the edge. You will see the Cune on a ledge in the corner of the room, but you will not be able to pick it up from the platform. So you will have to get off the platform and stand on the ledge that is closest to the ledge with the Cune. It looks like this ledge only has room for one of your feet. Good Luck! Just step off the platform to your right and hold "Right" on your controller so that you wonít fall off the ledge. Keep holding "Right" while you pick up the Cune and wait for the platform to return, at which time you can get back on it and ride it back safely.

Step off the platform again when you reach the entryway on your left. As you enter, you will be attacked by a creature hiding just to the left of the entryway. Destroy it and check the wall. It may look like a regular wall, but itís actually a hidden door that will slide open, giving you access to a secret room. Search the chest in the room to get an Enchanted Armor.

Turn around and head back. Pass the entryway on your right and continue down the hall. There is a map sketched on the left wall. Take a look at it. The Xs mark the rooms with moving platforms...oh, the fun! After you read the map, continue down the hall until you reach an entryway on your left. Go in and get ready, for sometimes there is a creature as soon as you enter. You will be in a large room that has a very small ledge at the entryway and a moving platform going around the room (Platform Room number 2). Pick up a Cune next to the edge of the ledge and get ready to go on a ride. Quickly get on the platform as it comes by and stay on it until it turns and goes to the left.

Get off the platform as you approach an entryway on the right. Time your step correctly so you donít miss and fall off. Pick up a pair of Gloves from the entryway and open another hidden door in one of the walls. You will be in another large room with narrow ledges on either side.

Go to the right first and slowly walk towards the back of the room. A couple of creatures will appear and start to attack. You know what to do. Go all the way to the back of the room and pick up a set of Boots and a Soul Pod from the dead body. Now go around to the other side of the room and pick up a set of Armor from the floor.

Once you are done, head out of this room and back to Platform Room number 2. Now comes the tricky part. By the time you enter this room again, the creatures will have respawned and you will have to shoot them while riding on the platform. As soon as you step on the platform, cast a couple of spells. Hopefully, they will hit the target. If you miss, get ready for some hurt. Stay on the platform past the bridge and get ready to step off onto the ledge that connects to the bridge. There is an entryway at one end of the ledge, but you will have to return later.

For now, turn around and cross the bridge and then enter the large hall on the other side. Turn left and watch for the creatures in the background. There are four creatures at first and one or two more will respawn before you are through with this room. Search the dead body toward the back of this room and pick up a Crown.

Now take a good look at the narrow platform you are going to have to ride on this time (Platform Room number 3). It doesnít have much space to maneuver; so once you get on it, try not to move until you reach the ledge on the far side. When you reach that ledge, get off the platform and pick up Puzzle Key number 4 next to the skull. Wait for the platform to return and ride it back to the other side. Watch for respawned creatures as you are on your way back. Donít get off the platform just yet. Keep going around the room once more.

As you are riding towards the back of the room again, turn to face the wall. You will see a ledge thatís so narrow it doesnít look like a ledge at all. You will have to step off the platform and quickly press "O" to open a hidden door in the wall. You have to be quick or you will fall to your death.

Go inside the small room and search three of the chests for some more equipment Ė a Ring, a Crown and a set of Armor. The fourth chest, on the far left, is booby trapped. Also, check the dead body to get a Cune.

Now head back to Platform Room number 2. Cross the bridge and go through the entryway. As soon as you enter, turn right. Ignore the bridge for now. WeĎll come back in a minute. Pick up a Sword from the dead body and search the body again for a Cune. Search the wall next to body to find a hidden door and go into a new room.

There will be a couple of creatures waiting for you. Once you destroy them, make your way to the back of the room. Pick up a set of Armor lying on the floor next to a dead body and search the wall to find another secret door.

You will find the Healing Shop in the next room, but it is guarded by a creature; so beware! There are also two other creatures on the far side of the room. After you destroy them all, pick up an AR-15 Rifle from the floor and look near the edge of the cliff for a Ring. Use the Healing Shop if you need to and return to the room with the bridge that I asked you to ignore earlier.

Cross the small bridge and follow the tunnel until you reach the large room with a Giant Plant. Stay on the bridge and follow it up until you are right next to the plant. Pick up a Halberd and a Bracelet near the end of the bridge and, just for fun, poke that giant rosebud on the...petals? It will stop spewing all the fog that has blanketed this area. Was that it? Are you kidding me? What a great disappointment! Here I was thinking Iím about to become lunch for a giant Venus Flytrap...and that is all I get...oh well!

Now just slide down the vine and go back to the Puzzle Door at the beginning of this area. Use your Puzzle Keys and get ready for the Mini Boss. As soon as you walk into the boss room, you will hear the door slide shut behind you and a sinister-looking creature will appear. But thatís not all; he brought some friends for you to play with, or is it the other way around? Soon you will be attacked from all directions. You wonít even have time to react. Keep the Health Potions handy, for you will need them.

Unleash a couple of spells before the creatures have a chance to Ďsealí your power. Then hack and slash your way through the enemy. Just donít go too far into the room because there are a few holes in the floor and you might fall to your death. You will be damaged, but before long you will see Mr. Sinister fold over like a piece of old lettuce. Once the battle is over, pick up the last Puzzle Key and use it to exit this place and go into the Moving Floor Area.

Red Desert Area