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Violent Poison Area

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1) Most of this area is covered in a poisonous fog; so thick that sometimes it's hard to see which way is up. To top it all off, the creatures that roam this level are capable of killing you with a few strikes. To top that off, when you think you have finally killed one of them, a new one takes its place. Kill that one and two smaller ones appear.
2) Your quest here is to collect and replace the missing Purifying Crystals. You will be forced to go through the same route four times. I know - what a pain! But it was the fastest way I found.
3) The entire area is a two-story structure. There are different locations where you can go up a floor (ladders) or down a floor (chutes). My route will take you to where you need to go in the least amount of time, while at the same time getting everything there is to get.
4) As you step in the pools of water that cover most of the first floor, you will instantly become poisoned. Donít waste your Anti-Venom potions. Their effect wears off quickly and you will be back to a poisoned status. Just endure the pain until after you get the Crystals in place. Meanwhile, keep your Healing Potion handy.

As soon as you step into the first room, youíll meet one of the strange creatures roaming the halls of this structure. It will take only seconds before the room is filled with poisonous gas. Donít panic! Just kill the creature as quickly as possible. If you are lucky it will just vanish, dropping an Amulet in the process. But every once in a while when a large creature dies, a medium-sized creature appears in its place. And sometimes when you kill the medium-sized creature, two smaller-sized creatures take its place.
Once the monster is gone for good, search the dead body on the right side of the room for a Bullet Clip. There are two chutes in this room. You want to jump down the one that is closest to the door.

There is a creature waiting for you in the room below. Kill it and place your Purifying Crystal on the pedestal. From here you can see a ladder in the adjacent room. Unfortunately, you canít reach it right now. Pick up another Purifying Crystal and a Cune from the floor and take the door out this room. You will be in another room that has a Crystal already on a pedestal. Look at the rotting bodies on the ceiling (creepy). Wonder how they got there! Take your gun and help them get down. Once they are on the ground, search their bodies for some goodies. They have two Cunes, a Magic Potion, and Anti-Venom. There are also a few items scattered around the floor; so pick those up as well.

Take the only door out of here. Go down the corridor to the next room. Voila! You found the Save Point and Shop Room. Save your game and take a look at the Shop's inventory. There is a bunch of new stuff for sale. You don't really need to buy anything, but I'll leave that up to you.
Take the rusty ladder up to the second floor and exit via the only door. Kill the small Maggot creature and go to the next room. There is another medium-size Maggot creature here. Kill it and whatever might appear in its place. Check the three dead bodies for some items: A Bullet Clip, Anti-Venom, and a Cune. There is a Purifying Crystal on the floor. There is also a message on the wall next to one of the dead bodies.

When the room is cleared, exit via the door opposite the one you came in. Walk down a short corridor and open the next door. You will be in a very large and dark room. Let's call this the "Rafter Room". There is a ledge all the way around the room and a bridge-like walkway in the center. DO NOT JUMP OR FALL DOWN! It will be the last thing you do.
From the door turn left and go all the way to the end of the ledge. Search the rotting body for Anti-Venom. Carefully turn around and take the bridge across the room. On the other side turn left towards the door.

You will be in a small room that has a Purifying Crystal on the floor next to a ladder. Pick up the Crystal and go out the other door, ignoring the ladder for now. In the next room there are four chutes, one on your right and three on your left. As you approach the three on your left, a creature will jump out; so be ready. Don't use any of the chutes. Just shoot down the bodies from the ceiling and search them for items. Don't forget to pick up the Purifying Crystal from the floor. Turn towards the single chute on the opposite side of the room, but don't jump down. Instead, get your gun ready and make sure you have full health. Search the wall straight across from the door you used to enter this room. You will find a secret door that leads to another chute.

As soon as you enter, a creature jumps out of the chute and attacks. Kill it and any other creature that it might spawn. Jump down this chute. You will land in a room that has a Crystal already in place. Again, shoot down the bodies from the ceiling. Pick up the Helmet and other items from the bodies. Don't forget to pick up a Dorado's Ashes by the corner. Then take the only door out of here.

Walk down the short corridor and open the next door. You will be in a large, semi-dark room. There is a creature waiting for you up ahead. First pick up the Stiletto from the right corner of the room. Then proceed to destroy the creature. Search the room for two Cunes. They are underwater; so you can miss them easily. Place two Purifying Crystals on their pedestals and exit the room via the door on the opposite side from where you came in.

Go down the corridor and get ready because as soon as you open the door a creature will be waiting for you. With all the poisonous fog it's a bit hard to see where you are going, but look around. There are three empty pedestals here; so place your Purifying Crystals on them. Pick up a Healing Potion and another Crystal from the floor. There is also a map on one of the walls; be sure to check it out. Walk towards the ladder and go up to the second floor. Recognize this room? It's the same one you were in earlier where you got a Crystal from the floor. Take the door on your right and you will be back in the "Rafter Room".

Walk straight ahead towards the opposite side of the room. Bypass the door on your left and continue to the next door. When you enter the next room, there is a Crystal on the floor to your left. Pick it up and shoot down two bodies from the ceiling. Search the bodies for a Cune and a Bullet Clip. There are two doors out of this room. The door on the left side of the room is barely visible as it is almost completely hidden behind the rock. The other door on the right side of the room is well defined. This is the door you'll want to take. You will be is a short corridor and you can hear footsteps on the other side of the next door. Better get ready! Open the door and kill the creature before it has a chance to react. Walk towards the back of the room and pick up a Cune from the floor behind the chute. Now jump down this chute.

You will land in a room that has a Crystal already in place. If you are poisoned, go ahead and cure yourself so that you can see better. Pick up a Purifying Crystal from the corner and face the doors. You'll want to stay away from the one on your right. What you would find on the other side means instant death.
So take the door straight ahead and walk down the long corridor until you reach a pile of bones. Search the bones for a Bracelet and jump down to the Save Point Room. Save your game and then go up the ladder and towards the "Rafter Room" again.

Once in the "Rafter Room", turn right and go along the ledge. Just before you reach the corner, a Maggot will jump out of the wall. Get rid of it and turn left towards a dead body surrounded by two more Maggots. Kill them and search the body for a Healing Potion. Carefully walk around the body. Don't slip! Enter the door on your right. You have been in this room before and once again you need to take the door on the right side. Be ready in case anything jumps out of the chutes in the next room. Make sure you are healthy and jump down the chute closest to the door. That chute should be on your left as you enter the room.

You will land in a room with water on the floor and you know what that means - instant poison. There is a pedestal right next to you as you land but you won't have time to get to it because two creatures will begin to attack as you land. Watch yourself! There is a door close to the pedestal, but ignore it for now. After you destroy the creatures you can place a Purifying Crystal on the pedestal. There is a Round Shield Armor next to the rotting body and a Bracelet by the water's edge. Go up the ramp and out the other door. Walk down the long corridor. The last of the Purifying Crystals is up ahead, but first you have to get rid of the creature guarding it. Once you do, walk down the corridor and jump down to the Save Point Room.

Follow the same path you took before: Up the ladder to the "Rafter Room", turn right on the ledge and go to the corner, turn left past the dead body and go into the room on the right. Now this time take the barely visible door on the left side of the room. Walk down the short corridor to the next room - a suspiciously quiet room with a chute on the left side. As you reach the middle of the room, a bunch of creatures will drop from the ceiling and the fun begins. Kill them and jump down the chute.

Search all the bodies for some cool items including a new gun. Look behind the pile of rocks for some bullets for your new gun. If you look around, there appears to be no way out. What! No exit? Relax, there is a door around here somewhere... :)
Ah, there it is! Look closely at the wall. See the darker spot? Check it and the secret door opens, letting you out of the room. Two creatures are waiting for you. Destroy them and place the last two Purifying Crystals on their pedestals. Pick up a Cune from the floor and check the map on a wall. Enter the next room and fight whatever creature you might encounter. Go back up the ramp and take the door down the long corridor. Jump down to the Save Point Room.

Save your game and go back up to the "Rafter Room". You can see a lot better now that the poison has cleared. All that running around and placing Crystals on pedestals paid off. Shoot the creature from the ledge and jump down into the water. Pick up the Sword, a Cune, and Anti-Venom from this room and head towards the door with an Eye Symbol above it.

Go up the steps and check the message on the wall. Walk over to the dead body. It's our tough-looking native friend from the previous area. Poor guy, wonder what he was doing here...
Search the room for a pair of Poison Gloves, a Mace, and a Bracelet hidden towards the back. See that shiny blue object in the center of the room? Get ready because as you pick it up the room is filled with creatures! When the room is cleared, say farewell to our dead friend and exit. Go left and exit via the door on the right. Go to the next room and exit thru the door on the right. Now go down the corridor and back to the Save Point Room. This is the last time in here; so save your game and go back up the ladder to the "Rafter Room". This time take the bridge across the room, turn right on the ledge, and exit through the door on your left.

Deformed Insect Chalkstone Area