The Holy Forest and surrounding areas became my laboratory while experimenting in the arcane arts.
But in order to really appreciate the full effect of the Ancient City Magic, you would have to see it for yourself.

The Magic Spell system of the Ancient City can be divided into two categories:
Offensive and Defensive Magic.
Offensive Magic is used to help defeat the enemy while defensive can be used to help yourself.
There are 6 types of elemental magic to learn from: Fire Earth Wind Water Light Dark

Each spell can go up to level 3, causing more damage with every level gained.
In order to level up your spells it is required that you gain experience through using said spell. You will need 50 experience points to get your spells to level 2 and 150 to level 3.
With offensive spells, each time your spell hits an enemy, you earn 1 experience point.
With defensive spells you earn 3 points, (except for Earth Heal and Remedy, which only count as 1 point and they MUST heal at least one HP).



Fire Wall

Flame Breath


Flame Strike

This spell creates a ball of fire that shoots out from your hand and travels in a straight line damaging anything it hits. At higher levels, this spell keeps burning its victims after it hits.

5 (at level 1)
8 (at level 2)
12 (at level 3)

This spell creates a wall of flame that travels across the ground hitting anything on its path. At higher levels the ground keeps burning even after the wall has passed. Not effective on water.

13 (at level 1)
(at level 2)
20 (at level 3)

Flame Breath blasts a huge flame in front of you and will keep burning until your MP runs out. This is a good spell to use at close range. At higher levels the flame goes further.

21 (at level 1)
(at level 2)
28 (at level 3)

Immolate is a fireball that follows the enemy, striking several times. Causes greater damage when used on large open areas. At higher levels, it shoots out 2 fireballs that travel faster.

25 (at level 1)
(at level 2)
32 (at level 3)

A single fireball shoots up over the enemy, exploding and raining down on top of their heads, burning them to the ground. Becareful not to get caught on its path.

32 (at level 1)
35 (at level 2)
39 (at level 3)

Fire Earth Wind Water Light Dark Weapon