The magic section wouldn't have been complete without including the other type magic available in TAC: Weapon Magic.

In the words of Sir Renwick the Wise; "Most players are surprised to learn that weapons in KFTAC can be used to cast unnamed magic spells."

So here we go:
1. With the exception of the various Bows, each weapon in KFTAC will cast a particular magic spell. For purposes of this magic spell system, the weapons in KFTAC are divided into Class 1 weapons and Class 2 weapons. Class 1 weapons are found in the early and middle stages of the game. Class 2 weapons are found in the later stages of the game.

2. A Class 1 weapon must be at level 3 in order to cast a magic spell. The magic spell appears as a diagonal or horizontal white bar of light or energy, depending on the angle at which the weapon swings. The spell is cast by pressing the "Square" button to swing the weapon and then pressing the "Triangle" button when the weapon is visible on the screen.

3. A Class 2 weapon will cast a magic spell at level 1. Each Class 2 weapon has its own distinct magic spell. The spell of a Class 2 weapon is more powerful than the spell of Class 1 weapon, and the spell's destructive power is increased when the level and the attribute rating of a Class 2 weapon is increased.

4. The magic spell of a Class 2 weapon is cast by pressing three buttons in sequence. First you press the "X" button; then you quickly press the "Square" button to swing the weapon; and finally you press the "Triangle" button when the weapon is visible on the screen to launch the weapon's magic spell.

5. (The following is not necessary but it's recommended.) Before you cast a weapon magic spell, go to the Equipment menu and select "None" as your combat magic spell. The "Triangle" button is used to cast both combat magic spells and weapon magic spells, and this step prevents the unintended casting of a combat magic spell. Your Physical Gauge and Magical Gauge must be full in order to cast a weapon magic spell.


Weapon Magic

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