Short Sword
Leather Vest
Village Ruins entrance Healing Fountain Palace of Oath entrance Mine entrance Attack of the killer beetles
1) Even though you start off here, you'll want to head towards the Village Ruins first. (Take the first door on your left).

2) At the start, stay off the grayish patches on the ground or perish.

When you reach the large open area, in front of you will be the entrance to the Palace of Oath. To your right will be a path that you will come back to later and more to the right you'll see 2 openings side by side.....there is a Save Point on the right opening. The left opening leads to the Mines, DO NOT go in there yet.
Note: It is wise to save often in this venture!

After you come out of the Save Point tunnel, go forward bypassing all other paths that you see, until you come to another tunnel with a beetle or two roaming its entrance. When you manage to get by all the Beetles, follow the tunnel to a smaller open area where you will find more beetles and a room with 2 chests. One chest has gold and the other holds a Short Sword. There is also one more tunnel that leads to a dead end, you will find a pile of bones and a Leather Vest next to it, equip the vest.

Go back out and make your way toward the Save Point. Remember that path you skipped before? Now itís time to go explore that area...(the East Valley).