Herbal Liquid
Earth Crystal
Bridge Key
Binding Crown

Chain Mail
Bow (***)

Expedition Soldier
Lookout for the sharpshooters May I pass Mr. Guardian...sir? A roomful of soldiers Ramirez aka: me All those boxes, if only they were full
1) As you walk down the stairs a Guardian blocks your way, do not try to fight him yet, the only thing that could hurt him at this time is magic but it would be a waste, instead place the Binding Crown on the Pedestal and the Guardian will go back, now you can get across.

2) If you paid attention to the Fallen Guardian (in the Guardian's Chamber) then you should have an idea how to defeat them. You will soon have what you need. Go visit Ramirez (***) he will give the Bow. Buy some supplies from him if you wish, now go back and dispose of the Guardians.

4) Use the Earth Crystal to learn Earth Heal, it's a lifesaver.

Walkthrough coming soon