Herbal Liquid
Leather Gloves
Leather Boots
Leather Helm
Spider Armband

Cecile Yeala Don't jump down the
Well (yet)
Duhrin, a man and
his memories
Overview of the
Village Ruins
Your first save point
1) You will not be able to open the Expeditioner's Chest until much later, when you find the Expeditioner's Key.

2) When jumping down the well (to the Underground Canal) you will loose 130 HP. Also, the enemies down there are strong so becareful not to jump too early.

When the huge doors open, you find yourself on a path (be careful not to step on the GRAY patches of earth). There is a doorway to your left with a sign that reads, "Shop: David Bunch". Go through this doorway and down the corridor until you come to a large open area.

You'll see a soldier sitting on a rock, this is Cecile. Talk to him and pick up the Wooden Club next to him. Equip the club, you are now in the area of the Village Ruins.

Follow around to your left, and you will see another sign next to a doorway that reads, "Shop: David Bunch". Keep going around to your left (past the doorway). You will see a sign that reads, "Miner's Graveyard -->". Continue on until you see a guy sitting on another rock by a cliff, this is Duhrin. He tells you his wife is waiting on other side of the cliff.

Turn around and go back down same path, continuing to your left. Inside one of the ruins is an Expeditioner's Chest which can't be opened until you've found the Expedition Key.

Next, you'll see a well in the middle of an open area, but do not attempt to drop down there yet. Instead, go into the ruins with torches by the door. Inside is a chest with Leather Gloves. You'll find you can't break the barrels yet. In the back of this room is a Save Point. (Save the game if you choose to now.)

As you leave the room, go around to your left and up the stairs to the top of a wall. Once on top of the wall, walk right and drop to the ledge on the lava side. Continue to follow the ledge until it ends, drop down to a big rock and look to your left. You will see a pair of Leather Boots at the edge of the rock. Pick up the boots, equip them, turn around and get back on the wall.

Once back on the wall you will see a plank on your left. Walk down the plank and recover a Herbal Liquid from the chest.

Go back up the plank and continue left on the wall. When you come to a protruding section of the wall, just make note that down below you can something on top of the ruin walls but you can't get it yet, later you will find out it is a mushroom.

Continue on the wall towards a Leather Helmet. As you grab it, unless you move back quickly, the wall crumbles beneath you and you find yourself on the ground taking little bit of damage. Equip the helmet and prepare to do battle with the Maneaters.

After defeating the 'walking plants' pick up an herb sitting by the corner and enter the ruins closest to you. Inside these ruins are a couple of barrels, which you'll find you can't break isn't strong enough. Now, you can go visit the shopkeeper, David Bunch.
If you've been collecting gold by killing the Maneaters, you may be able to buy some herbs from David. Also, when you first go in the shop, the chest to your right contains 80 gold. That will help for buying items. Once again, you'll find you can't break the barrels yet.

Check out the back room. To the right, you will see a blocked doorway and on the left, barrels surrounding a chest that you can't get to yet.

If you go through the doorway directly in front of you and through the doors, you'll see the underwater area that you will go into later by jumping down the well.

For now, go back out and talk to the shopkeeper. You will note that he has a number of items for sale.

Leaving the Village Ruins area: After coming out of David Bunch's shop, go right back out the way you originally came into the ruins area. Once outside, go left down the path.