Earth Crystal
Blue Guidestone
Black Eyes


Say Cheese! Critters can even learn new tricks, I taught mine how to fly
1) Talk to Aeaine, hear what she has to say.

2) Drink from the fountain, it will replenish your MP, if you have any empty vials it would be wise to fill them up now.

3) You will find your first level 2 Earth Crystal inside the Cavern of Earth, use it to learn Upheaval.

4) The Blue Guidestone is already placed in a marker, leave it there so you can teleport back to this area whenever you need to.

5) Don't despair if you can't get the chests open, you need to get specific keys for them:

  • chest 1: Craftsman's Key
  • chest 2: Serrak's Key
  • chest 3: Engineer's Key
  • chest 4: Priest's Key

  • Walkthrough coming soon