Forest Fruit

Crusader Gloves
Lethal Rapier
Sacred Plate
Knight Plate
Kite Shield

Ice Golems
Do not play with yellow snow Golems in the mist Harmurah popsicle?
1) When you first arrive at the Forge, everything will be frozen and there will be many places you can not get to. To avoid confusion, this map has only those items & monsters you will encounter the first time.

2) While the Forge remains frozen, visibility is so low that you can barely see in front of you, becareful where you step.

3) The Ice Golems come out of the frozen floor when you least expect them, watch out for them, they pack a mean punch (don't let more than one pile up on you).

4) (***) The Crusader Gloves are behind a hidden panel, (there are 2 other empty panels in the same area, the last one is trapped).

5) (***) The chest that contains the Knight Plate is behind a secret door. Search the wall after you defeat the Ice Golems.

Walkthrough coming soon