Fire Crystal (***)
Wooden Shield
Clarity Bracelet

Lynn and her pup "Ribs" Beetle den Lynn's mom, Sharyl Your reward for bringing
back a Rock of Life
Learning your first spell
1) (***)Find the Rock of Life (Mines) and give it to Sharyl. Lynn will give you a Fire Crystal in return (do not use it yet) wait until you get the Clarity Bracelet.

2) As tempting as it may be, DO NOT sell the Clarity Bracelet once you find it, equip it.

3) After you equip the Clarity Bracelet, your max MP will multiply 5 times. Now use the Fire Crystal to learn the spell "Fireball" and your MP will be full to the max.

4) The Antidotes in this area regenerate over time, if you ever run low just come back.

Go up the path to a house. Talk to the girl on the porch. She will mention a Rock of Life.

Go inside the house, pick up the wooden shield from the night stand and talk to the woman laying on the bed. When she has nothing new to say head back outside.
There are barrels in back of the house that you still can't break yet. You'll also see another house in back with the door blocked. You'll come back to that later.
For now, check out the Beetle den for's the opening in the rock wall behind the house. You'll need the Antidotes when you head down into the mine.