Forest Root
Release Rock (***)
Light Crystal (***)
Icon of Healing


Skeleton Archers
Thank goodness, I was getting thirsty... Mista Fopa, what are you saying? I could use that Burn baby, burn!!! What did I get myself into?
1) WARNING! Do not drink the Green Water! Mista Fopa is a forgetful old man, he won't tell you until it's too late.

2) The Light Crystal (***) is caught in a web. Shoot it with a Fireball and listen to it drop. You will find it on the floor where the Giant Spider was, by the Save Point entrance. Use it to learn Divine Light.

3) You need 2 Release Rocks to open the room full of skeletons. Once you defeat them all, try to open the back door (you won't be able to), go back and talk to Mista Fopa. He will give a third Release Rock (***), now you can open the door to the Icon of Healing.

4) Once you have the Icon of Healing go back to the Giant Spider Room and place it on the Altar of Healing (Catacombs). This will activate the Healing Fountain (Palace of Oath exterior), now go drink from it and fill up your Crystal Vial .

Walkthrough coming soon