Pressing fixes

  • Fix CSS on kf2 site and abyss tower Fixed 12/27/21
  • Link abyss tower site to main page 12/27/21
  • instate sword of moonlight site and wrap .swf into ruffle and find stable upload for the one game. Looks like neocities doesn't support webassembly so that's not happening.
  • Make contact page
  • Fix Header on index and change font color. 12/27/21
  • Fix images on eternal ring site so they stop pointing to angelfire. 12/27/21
  • add badges and counter to bottom
  • properly credit original creator of site. 12/27/21
  • Add music player back to all pages and have it not depend on outside sources so it doesn't break again.
  • Find missing images and music for Diadem of Maunstraut

Future fixes requiring drawing and image editing

  • kf2 draw or scan maps and legends from guidebook
  • kf2 missing items, see if I can dump images from .bin
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