Research Team HQ

1) You need the water key (found in the Water Shrine) to open the blue door.
2) When you reach the Forgotten Dais, the first rings you want to create are HEALING WATER
    or CURING WATER & SONIC (see ring collection page for tips on how) as they will surely
    be the best at this point.

Save Point
Teleport to Forgotten Dais


Only the ones you can purchase at the Warehouse


A Werewolf


There is not much to do here, except talk to the people and learn more of the storyline...and after completing the Water Shrine area, you will do battle with a werewolf at the Captains House, (the one on the very top on the map).The werewolf seems tuff at first, but just study his attack pattern. When he rushes at you, strafe and stab. When he jumps at you, back away and hit him with FIREBALL.
After you get the blue door opened you will have access to the first Forgotten Dais and can start making rings.

House 1...Talk to the Assistant Captain here, give him the letter from the king. He will take the sword away from you and give you a request form for a new weapon to be picked up at the warehouse.

House 2...This is the warehouse, pick up your new blade here (a knife). It is not a good weapon to take into the Water Shrine, I suggest you buy the small blade from the keeper, (8 gems is not too much to pay).

House 3...This is Marie's house, she will heal all your wounds. You can return as many times as you want before completing the Water Shrine level.